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    babydoctor reacted to smwatson in Dead Air Space Discussion   
    yeh i dont give a fuck about thoms environmental views particularly
    its gone from a band blog to thoms political causes blog
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    babydoctor reacted to Rabbi Hyman Krustofski in Dead Air Space Discussion   
    yeah for real, don't we all know how thom feels about the matter now?
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    babydoctor reacted to Madd Phun in Dead Air Space Discussion   
    yeah seriously thom is getting so old.
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    babydoctor reacted to biggie p in Dead Air Space Discussion   
    goddammit just shut the fuck up unless you're talking about the album
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    babydoctor reacted to pleasant experience in Your Drawings/Sketches   
    made a list of my Super Right Ons today

    basically just doodles of things i really like-- click here for bigger
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