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  1. Reflektor seems like a good example of this influence, or the best I'm aware of anyway
  2. they said something similar about polyethylene. confirmed polyethylene isn't a b-side.
  3. I wasn't expecting it to be this restrained. Other than that I didn't dedicate a whole lot of headspace to predicting how the songs would be done, more just which songs would be on it, and they put true love fucking waits on it so yes it was not what I was expecting.
  4. i've gotten to the point where it doesn't bother me, but i'm still not sure why they kept it
  5. as cool as identikit is in a lot of ways, though, ful stop is still staircase from hell, and staircase is one of my top 5 post in rainbows songs. so i think ful stop wins that fight.
  6. something almost, i dunno, reggae-esque? or ska. i'm talking specifically about the beefy clean guitar tone with the echo effect, which works splendidly with the rest of his guitar parts in that song, specifically the riff that comes before the solo. i think they wanted the solo to come straight out of that riff instead of appearing out of nowhere as a separate "guitar solo" with different effects and mixing and stuff. so to accomplish that it had to be the same guitar sound for the riff and the solo. but then he blasts off into like a steve vai solo or some shit in that in-your-face clean guitar tone that dominates the mix and it's jarring. at first. i think. i got the point where i don't even notice it there and i'm just jamming out to the drums and bass pretty much the entire song. everything else is just pink noise at this point. penny and i think some other people had problems with the production on this album when it first came out and that discussion was around for a few weeks after this album came out. mainly that the balance between parts would sort of change suddenly in weird places. i agree. if this song were on kid a, the choir, the guitar solo, and some other details would be much quieter and the bulk of the sound would be drums, bass and thom's vocals. basically i'm saying stop being a kid a nostalgia fajust kidding!
  7. it is kind of weird they went with that really dry guitar sound with just the echo applied to it. it was distracting as hell at first but it stopped bothering me after awhile. with some kind of distortion no one would have batted an eye cos that kind of noodly guitar solo is a familiar fixture in rock music... except the timbre of distorted guitar would have been a left turn given how the song sounds in general. i suspect it could've been done better but i understand what they were aiming for.
  8. being totally burnt out on the album as i am, identikit holds my attention more effectively than ful stop at the moment. when i come back to it after a long break i predict ful stop will rank above it again but at the moment i'm enjoying identikit more.
  9. i believe they specifically called it 'bonus disk', not 'disk 2', feel free to link me to like a screen shot of the album announcement or something to jog my memory but i distinctly remember that. i think i'd remember if they had marketed it as a double album seeing as how it would've been their first double album, and also pretty bizarre that they then released the CD and vinyl in shops without the second disk for no reason except to incentivize buying the special edition. it's bonus content. if we care at all about the distinction between LP and non-LP songs (i'm caring less and less as this discussion goes on) and need a word for the latter, then what else would people prefer to call them? it's like complaining about computers being called computers because a computer used to be a job people had not a machine that does literally everything.
  10. Who gives a shit what you call them in an age where the dominant delivery method for music doesn't have ANY side because it doesnt physically exist.
  11. i vaguely remember reading that paperbag writer started with colin playing that bass line. don't quote me on it.
  12. Spectre is great but moon poo has enough stuff in it as it is
  13. what i mean is, the band probably reached the conclusion of "we're not able to add anything more to this/we're not interested in adding anything more to it" and so there was no reason to sit on it any longer. that point was sort of an aside about why it came out circa in rainbows though, the main point was they were working on it before kid a was released so it's not representative of where his songwriting was headed at the time. actually i don't think it has all that much in common with "thom piano ballads" anyway, i suspect that piano was an 11th hour attempt to do something different with it. the song sounds a lot more similar to lucky than anything else.
  14. lotus flower was super old already so i dunno if that's much indication of where his songwriting was headed at the time. i think the band just gave up on doing anything with it so they put a nail in it by releasing it.
  15. there was a synth controller designed to emulate it, that was 15 years ago so i dunno if it's still around... ..aaand apparently it is: http://www.schneidersladen.de/en/analogue-systems-french-connection.html
  16. My only problem with studio go slowly is the lack of drums.
  17. Jigsaw is about the guitars and that sick ass bass. Before they subbed in the acoustic guitar it was the most metal thing they'd done since, I dunno, polyethylene or something
  18. I thought it was more like in limbo, but yeah it has that general "kid amnesiac guitar song" feel
  19. People have been shitting on httt for over a decade. No one's being gagged.
  20. for me httt is my hard-earned lesson in how bad an idea it is to stipulate your enjoyment of a radiohead album on how you felt it should have turned out - for the overall sound as well as individual songs. it's really difficult for me to separate that from what i actually think are the album's flaws. i just know i listen to it a lot these days.
  21. scatterbrain top 5 radiohead lyrics.
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