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  1. a friend of ours that does sound engineering professionally (or did) flew out over the weekend to help us record stuff. which is really exciting but we've spent so much time troubleshooting the fucking technology that by the time we finally started working on my parts we're sort of running out of time so i'm sitting here tearing my hair out waiting for him to wake the fuck up so we can get through it before he has to go home some weird shit too like the hi hat track mysteriously disappeared out of nowhere and after 40 minutes of looking around for it we're like 'fuck it, we didn't need the hi hat anyway. this is a creative decision we've made.'
  2. Something about the hook when he sings ill wind blows reminds me of something off the eraser
  3. there was some interview quote where one of them said the writing songs part was way easier for them than the making it work on tape part, and i guess on httt they said 'fuck it' to that second part
  4. is that the supercollider synth?
  5. wtf, get this blow out out of my 2016 or get this 2016 out of my blow out?
  6. The production is the only part of it that bothers me at this point, that and not being as good as the albums on either side of it cos of a wider quality spectrum, but I mean it's fine, I still listen to it plenty
  7. might ask ihggy, he hosted a lot of stuff over the years i think. dunno if it would've expired by now.
  8. i don't think so, definitely not if it wasn't on an album i'm genuinely disappointed in how little YA content i have saved on here..
  9. im not seeing the artist whitewash in here. there's two with no artist listed, called "empty space" and "don't go out". also found the 2009 ya comp which also doesn't have whitewash but there's an artist that's a bunch of crazy symbols and the song is called "fallen feather"
  10. so far i found botb 2010. what name would you have entered it under?
  11. again i don't think that's meant to be pulling the wool over anyone's eyes though. if that's what's on there i think it's a lot more likely that those are literally the only two other songs they finished when they were in that studio. i think the days of getting b-sides albums out of them are just over unfortunately.
  12. nah i also watched a video about it on freeman fly's FREE ZONE
  13. it sucks there's only two new songs and one might not actually be that new, but i don't think there's anything deceptive or otherwise shitty about it beyond i just want more given how long we waited for this album.
  14. If its like orchestral idm I'm down to give something like that a shot. Wait isn't that just Steve Reich?
  15. obviously radiohead have always been radiohead but it IS possible to make comparisons. they're not so far out on another plane of reality that they don't at any point share any sonic characteristics with any other act whatsoever. burial's probably not the best comparison but it's the one that came to mind, mainly because lbl doesn't go anywhere HEH
  16. I'm only gonna fucking kill myself, don't worry about it.
  17. 2012 little by little was really good but on ftb i feel like it was super awkward. i haven't listened to that ftb for a long time so i dunno maybe i'm remembering it incorrectly but i remember it being sloppy as hell, easily the weakest performance in the set. i'm cool with the whole 'Radiohead pretends to be Burial' thing they seemed to be going for but something's missing. not just the bass as i previously mentioned (which i think would've made a big difference on its own). yeah i kinda agree at its core it's just not a stand-out song, but they could've pushed it past the finish line by other means. i mean they turned fucking mouse dog bird into separator.
  18. yeah it's a beautiful performance but isn't it pretty much just the album version with a bunch of stuff cut out? i think jonny starts those arpeggios earlier in the song too, like in the live version.
  19. Last one was about this time last year I think? Im interested for sure but i cant garuntee ill have anything to submit - I either have to convince my band to churn out a demo real quick or start a new solo thing from scratch. I can garuntee that if I have something in time I'll submit it!
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