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  1. i know you were worried about song lengths and dragging shit out but there's a lot of great development in the duration of these songs. death knell is a great example. it really takes you on a journey, starting with the talking/rapping thing which is really well done, love those rhythms, then building to that really dense pretty ending. edit: numbskull is pretty fascinating. i think that, death knell and devils meet are my favorites.
  2. damn dude this is really good. i'm at devils meet and that's my favorite so far. i'm really appreciating all the different approaches/styles/moods.
  3. anyone know what it means when a pedal makes like, a crazy digital-sounding squealing noise? i bought a first gen whammy when i saw it at like half of what they usually go for, and it worked fine for a few months, but last time i used it it suddenly started doing that. it appears to happen when the connection between the pedal and power supply gets nudged. the power connection is clearly being cut but i haven't heard another pedal do that when the power gets cut. not having much luck finding anything about it on google. between this and the problems i've had with the tele i bought, i don't think i'll be buying used gear anymore.
  4. sorry, it's on my radar, i'm just waiting until i'm in the mood to actually listen to music which i mostly haven't been the past couple weeks.
  5. woowoo i just got my copyright claim for the 6 songs i wrote for our demo. only took a year and a half! dunno if it amounts to much but it's fun seeing the song titles on an official government document.
  6. not unless the art is a picture of you on the toilet contemplating album titles.
  7. can't say i found any of that distracting, and if that's one of the tracks where you were concerned about the length i wouldn't sweat it.
  8. my response to that feeling is usually "eh, add more stuff to justify the length", like more subtle differences between repetitions of a section and little details to chew on and try my best to make it something people don't want to end. if you're not sure how you feel about it maybe let the extra length through on a couple songs where it feels like it works the best and trim it back on the others. you'll have a better idea of how you feel about it later (if yr anything like me) anyway so if you cut shit out you may find you later feel the songs are too quick and manic. especially in a sequence. if you're planning to group them up as a batch listening experience i think letting the experiment of longer songs run its course on a couple songs is a good idea cos there'll be variety and if someone is a much bigger fan of one approach over the other then you'll keep them for at least some of the songs.
  9. come to think of it i'm not even sure that mic is plugged in to anything
  10. something my friend did https://www.facebook.com/david.dunshie/videos/10155517184945558/
  11. it seems like one of those 'guides for people who don't know what they're doing to sound more like they know what they're doing' safe rule of thumb things, like what order to put your pedals in the signal path or whatever.
  12. Goddamnit I was going to say that
  13. i just woke up and set that page to play and it's good 'i just woke up' music. i can't remember, were you a big slowdive fan?
  14. yeah i didn't care a whole lot for hoc until the album version came out
  15. bass line in saturdays is fun. street diner is my favorite between the two.
  16. yeah i mean, it is what it is, just i don't snooze my way through it anymore cos i discovered the joy of singing along to that vocal melody.
  17. i used to rag on codex a lot but it's grown on me. it's the vocal part and the lyrics that are currently selling me on it. i feel like "no one around, just dragonflies fly to the side (that's what i was hearing but this lyrics page is saying 'fantasize' so i dunno), no one gets hurt, you've done nothing wrong" pretty much sums up the attitude of the entire album.
  18. He's not belting it out like he did on the bends or OK computer, so if that's your definition of "strong" then yeah, he's not as strong a vocalist as he was then, but I'd argue he's clearly a better singer overall today
  19. Who says that? His voice is better than it's ever been on amsp (didn't pay much attention to the tour recordings so I dunno how he's doing live these days)
  20. this is the sound of him looping david clearing his throat in time with one of the songs we worked on https://www.facebook.com/david.dunshie/videos/10155283187875558/ wish i knew how to embed anything
  21. you think? they look functional, or don't make me cringe anyway. not lyrics i can truly give a shit about i suppose but i don't hear a phrase in the song while i'm listening to it that makes me go 'fuck, why did he have to write that' and it doesn't feel like a 'lyrics song' to me anyway
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