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  1. Really? I thought the recording process of httt was like 2 weeks of just getting takes
  2. Wtf pearly is awesome just cos of that vicious vocal
  3. You got a problem with a reminder buster? Cos that means you have a problem with me. And I know you don't have a problem with me, right?
  4. yeah it's like he went from providing the scaffolding to providing the foundation? or i dunno, some other shitty metaphor. the shift of focus away from chord progressions and melodies onto rhythms and textures is pretty sharp. not like he never accomplished the former again - there there jumps to mind, and nude somehow fits perfectly on in rainbows. there's a universe where they found a way to make big boots work in a post-amsp world, i'm sure of it. just every time it comes up in an interview they're basically like "ugh, fuck that song" so i guess they just got sick of trying so hard. can't blame them for that.
  5. Oh the shitty spain version, no I mean the older one.
  6. do we know at what point the arrangement changed though? i actually don't know the date on that standard issue big bootsleg.
  7. I predict this is how lift will come off as well
  8. it's an okay song. synthy shit is kind of interesting. thom's voice is good.
  9. oh woops. fruedian slip because i hate i promise so much. just kidding it's just mediocre.
  10. it's just an assumption. it's hard to imagine it changing drastically if it was recorded during that error, and i'm assuming it was since they're releasing it with the ok computer anniversary edition
  11. or am i just having the pennyroyalty post i plagiarized quoted back at me.
  12. are we getting into 'what constitutes a song vs what is merely a track' territory now? cos there are easier targets than faust arp.
  13. faust arp is the one song on in rainbows i don't care about when it's not heard in the album context, but stuck between all i need and reckoner it's exactly the song that should be there. it's the thesis statement of the entire album. house of cards is great, fuck off.
  14. bad lyrics only ruin a song for me if the song is clearly meant to lean heavily on the lyrics as the reason for listening to it, which is the case with very few radiohead songs. thom is one of the best lyricists i know of for effectively communicating a genuine feeling through tired cliches and outright nonsense. even when it's "bad" in a poetic sense it usually gets a pass from me because radiohead songs are more than the sum of their parts. probably has a lot to do with why i can't be bothered with most of his solo music for very long. (that's not to say he isn't capable of lyrical genius, i'm just honing in on that idiosyncrasy of his because that seems to be what we're talking about.)
  15. In rainbows was such an incredible run of songs that stand completely on their own, I'll honestly be surprised if they release anything like that again. The last two albums have had more ambitious "sounds", but... Nah. Almost every song on in rainbows could make it on a best of compilation without me feeling any reservations.
  16. That's even better than the Colbert dr pepper bit
  17. i doubt it. based on the assumption that these recordings are circa ok computer and not more recent i bet it's the exact same as the bootleg, just studio quality. cute little song, definitely pablo honey esque, nothing noteworthy. it's just nice to have it in this form, to round out the ok computer b-side "album" a little more. I'm far more excited about man of war. that's gonna be siiiick. i'm a little salty that we're getting old school lift instead of the newer version (an assumption, but a safe one i think given what it's being released on.)
  18. that was the impression i was under there's a mpie song?
  19. i used to feel that way but i went back and listened to it semi-recently and it just sounded like someone took the recording in their hands and smushed it into a tight compacted little rubber ball of noise that i feel works against it somewhat. i'd just be curious to hear a version of it where the instruments are pulled apart from each other a bit.
  20. yeah... i mean it doesn't have to be but these three songs all getting a release in this particular way does kinda feel like a tying up of loose ends. here's a question though - are the b-sides remastered as well? i don't understand the need for a remaster of ok computer but it could make a big difference for the b-sides. especially like, polyethylene for example, which is a good song that sounds fucking horrible.
  21. awesome. didn't think that we'd ever get i promise... not that it's an amazing song but knowing it existed and we never got a recording would've irritated me straight into the grave.
  22. i think the adapter is fine. i took it apart and it seems to be that the pin in the center of the power input (it's like a female input, but with a male component that goes inside the male component, thereby making it also female? shit's fucked) is loose. i suspect i can just screw it tighter but i'm not positive and even if i were i don't have any tool that i could use for it safely. the first gens are super fucking expensive usually so i don't relish the thought of having to replace it.
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