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  1. oof, don't go down this road, i majorly tilted someone on ateaseweb once by suggesting there was anything jazzy about kinetic whatsoever..
  2. oh my bad i stand corrected
  3. imho the amnesiac b-sides are the prototype for the king of limbs. but also no era of radiohead b-sides is going to hit as hard as the albums. not even amnesiac or in rainbows. they're great in their own way, fascinating even as an exploration into what the band could have chosen to focus on instead, but they generally seem to have been left off for a reason. most people will only find one or two b-sides from each album that make them think "why the fuck wasn't this on the album".
  4. Yeah that was my favorite tour to follow from afar, even more so than 06 I think
  5. He didn't specifically say anything about them recording it did he? I think it was mentioned in pretty vague terms which led us to believe they might be working on it again but in hindsight they were probably just mixing/mastering this release
  6. The melody and bass do some pretty heavy fucking lifting on that song
  7. 15 step everything in its right place burn the witch airbag bloom planet telex 2+2=5 packt you the tourist wolf at the door true love waits life in a glasshouse separator street spirit videotape blow out motion picture soundtrack
  8. yeah, somebody hasn't read watership down recently, sheesh
  9. nah the bass player sings on skinner box, only one of those i sing lead on is emergency broadcast system. thanks for listening!
  10. If we were gonna get the songs in that form, we would have gotten them in that form. I'm more excited by what the band are doing nowadays as well but it's possible to enjoy more than one thing. A lot of people here grew up on this version of Radiohead. And at one point in time they were waiting for studio reproductions of these unreleased songs that were this faithful to the bootlegs they loved. After 15 years of listening to fans bitch about the band ruining their favorite unreleased songs with beats and synths it absolutely blows my mind to see people complaining about getting these.
  11. Says a girl on the internet
  12. It's kind of a melancholy song despite the big old school guitar tone from Jonny so I think the restrained vocal works fine. Or maybe I'm just conditioned to expect this kind of singing from him after amsp
  13. still can't believe we actually lived to see the day i promise got an official release, loool
  14. don't see anyone talking about how BITCHIN the remastered b-sides sound, by the way
  15. if the vocals are 100% new thom went out of his way to sound like ok computer era thom and did a pretty good job of it. i won't deny they sound more restrained in some spots though. i wouldn't be shocked to find out he rerecorded some phrases.
  16. ok i think this will work, don't think these have to be downloaded to be listened to https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1xAGdePpQL1N0JPd2FHSVliSnM i was resisting posting stuff like this before to avoid people getting bored of them before we even finish the "proper studio recordings" but we've sort of switched gears away from that so if i ever wanna share our music on here again it'll probably have to be this kind of thing.
  17. yeah i'm pretty stoked. i kinda want to post the practice recordings we sent to the venue to get it just to share where we're at. have to figure out a way that's convenient to access without posting it to our actual soundcloud.
  18. which weirdly works with current radiohead given the tone and lyrical themes of amsp. and it's a really touching gift to dedicated fans. i'm choosing to think they were conscious about that when they decided to release these.
  19. personally i think it's an argument against giving people what they think they want. complaints about nude when in rainbows was released come to mind. nostalgia is a death trap.
  20. i dunno how the bootleg sounded any more modern than this, unless you're referring to the mpie version, and i don't know how anyone was bonding with the song by listening to that over and over considering most of it is cutting between different isolated tracks and footage of thom looking like he wants to shoot himself in the head.
  21. Woohoo my band has a gig scheduled! First one!
  22. Anyone else get really sad listening to man of war? It put me back in the head of that 16 year old kid discovering all that unreleased stuff from his new favorite band, way more so than had they revisited it on a new album. I feel really old now, and Radiohead aren't getting any younger either.
  23. it's so deeply satisfying to hear man of war like this... but i'm not hearing any of this talk about it sounding more modern or whatever. it sounds like the old bootleg version of it to me pretty much to the letter. which i have no problem with. maybe the post production is more modern which would make sense given they're releasing it ~20 years later. i guess it sounds newer the longer it goes on, as the piano and orchestra gets layered on, so maybe that stuff got added recently? but maybe i just associate orchestral shit with amsp by default now. anyway it's gorgeous. i'll have to listen to lift later.
  24. I can't believe I haven't listened to this shit yet
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