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  1. i take the httt comment to mean theyre as good at pumping out quality 3 minute pop songs in short unselfconscious rehearsal sessions and then lay them out on tape with a no-frills live band approach, which allowed them to get back to this anal retentive stuff.
  2. still havent resolved my feelings on bangers and mash... kinda totally changes the purpose of the song. but i can live with the rest.
  3. they fucked with my concept of what pretty much all these songs are supposed to sound like and i'm not sure i like it. maybe im just in a bad mood. ditnu delivers but bangers is pissing me off. is this what people who bitched about disc 1 felt like? i hope its just my compromised sound system and general mood.
  4. well yeah, that's harsh line. and there are harsher lines in their music. but they hope someone chokes as they run away to be happy together. ill admit to feeling pretty down after listening to their music sometimes. but it's not like, ( ), you know? that stagnant, cold misery, radiohead is so much more alive than that. even htdc is kinda serene. the panic is swirling around you but youre rocking back in forth in your little hole saying 'im not here this isnt happening' and managing to calm and soothe yourself a little. i just dont like applying the word 'depressing' to things i feel good about listening to anymore. it's obligatory that a regular come and shoot that word down everytime its mentioned anyways.
  5. radiohead's got some hope in it. dimmu borgir is depressing
  6. htdc's string score > everything else radiohead have ever done but optimistic gets shit it doesn't deserve, first kid a song to click with me
  7. so i got this awesome texture thing going for my version of scatterbrain, and then snapped the usb card it was on
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