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  1. sweet. yeah ive listened to it a few times now and i'm enjoying it. i'm sure i'll dig deeper in at some point.

  2. ionno the first listen was pretty fun. they have like 5 albums or something right?

  3. alright. signed in for a little while and no one was on so i'll try again tomorrow

  4. oh and they played it (but not creep) the first time i saw them live, which was pretty badass and uncanny

  5. yeah i probably haven't connected to the lyrics on the same level you have, but i just always found it to be a really nice song. the melody and the layers of guitars hammering away behind it. think it's the same kind of thing they do on coke babies, which i don't know how they justified leaving off pablo honey in favor of shit like how do you, but whatever, ancient history now i guess.

  6. i replied to this in the thread, but this deserves a wall post:

    goddamn it only took 7 years of posting on radiohead messageboards to find someone else who considers lurgee a highlight.

  7. oh wait i just remembered you already said you lost it. whatever, no one posts there anymore anyway.

  8. hey can you PM me the password to your admin account on i-lol? i still never figured that shit out, i wanna see if it's a computer thing or if my account is just bugged somehow.

  9. i DO get really enthusiastic about food though.

  10. really? that's like the last person tweak makes me think of.

  11. oh wait there has been. could you send me from wisdom to hate if you have it?

  12. wait gorguts is still playing??? then why the fuck isn't there a new album??

  13. how can i help you, garrels catatonic sex toy?

  14. um, public castration. not my favorite thing ever. ridiculously angry music. but i listened to some songs of their last one, uh, gotta look it up on rym... 'soundtracks for the blind'... like 4 songs off that and it was like seriously the best thing i've ever heard. so yeah i'll probably buy that eventually.

  15. haha. alright i'll give this a shot. oh yeah and i was exposed to swans recently. i already know i'm gonna buy one of their albums though so i don't really need an upload for that.

  16. nah, if you've got a link i'll try them though.

  17. yeah mostly for the purposes of botb/podcast/myspace cos all that ambiance is more of a situational thing. even i don't listen to all of it the way it is in the full version.

  18. oh and i just got skype set up. such a noob. my name on it is 'copyrightdna' (without the quotes obv). i'll probably be around for it.

  19. mastodon's all about the drummer tbh. yeah i was pretty impressed by the sunn. good reading music. i dunno why i don't look in ryan's thread. i guess cos i'm so selective and random with the metal i like and i just assume most of it won't be my thing. but then i guess that's why i haven't found anything new in awhile.

  20. here's a somewhat more finished heliocentric with vox etc. if you need something to play in the podcast:


    or you can use SRR instead if you want

  21. oh hey, i was wondering where you went. yeah i still listen to metal here and there. i've had remission playing in my car nonstop for like a month now. haven't found much new since that thread though. unless that new sunO)) counts.

  22. yeah that makes sense. i'll send you the devil sun mp3 here pretty soon.

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