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  1. that's not really a potato, you're not fooling me
  2. it's a colony sim kind of like rimworld or dwarf fortress, but it goes way heavier on the science and engineering. like it gets to a point where you're fussing over the conductance and specific heat capacity of different materials to maintain temperature in your base, and figuring out how to use the waste products from one process as inputs in others. it's kind of headache inducing and also like crack. it oscillates wildly between making me feel like a genius and a moron.
  3. what? there's a new thom yorke solo album?
  4. they did a good job with it and everything, but to me it's the first legit depressing radiohead album. i just don't really want to voluntarily enter that headspace most of the time. i guess fortunately or unfortunately i was cripplingly sad when it was released so i was grateful for it at the time. i also think the songs just aren't fundamentally as strong at their core. the king of limbs was kind of the same in that regard. both have great styles and arrangements, but those strengths are propping a lot of the songs up rather than cranking them up to 11. not to say they're bad necessarily. they have no business still making music this good 9 albums into their career. but the number of songs i'm truly in love with from top to bottom off the last two albums is like 5 on amsp and 3 on tkol. it's literally every song on in rainbows and all but maybe 3 on httt
  5. i'm not in a rush to hear it i suppose. my radiohead phases are getting fewer and further between. actually just my enthusiasm for music in general has taken a massive nosedive. interesting that cindy mentioned the 2016 election because that's around when i fully receded into the little bubble of my life and immediate surroundings. i rarely listen to albums i haven't heard before, even more rarely by a band i don't already know i like. maybe two or three a year make it past one spin? it might also just be me getting old and hard to impress. my prediction is LP10 will be it. the new material is just flowing too slowly and too much of their creative fuel is being diverted into side projects and they as well are getting old. i seriously doubt that their inability to work with one another will ever be a barrier to new material, so they could at any time spontaneously come together to make a new album pretty much until one of them dies. but yeah. it just looks kinda like the well is running dry. i think i'm ok with that possibility. everything ends. i just ask they please finish skirting on the surface and release it in some fashion before they more or less put radiohead behind them.
  6. oxygen not included finally in 1.0 so i guess that counts. don't remember if people here generally were into that kind of game but i was putting like 40 hours a week into it at one point.
  7. ive never been able to fully fall in love with tool. on paper they should be one of the most me bands on the planet but there's just something kind of... cold about them? in a way i don't connect with or find comfort in like autechre or something like that. definitely a cool band. i'm sure i'll hear the new album at some point when my stepdad won't stop talking about it.
  8. for me i was embarrassed at some of my behavior as a dumb teenager on my first account and wanted a period of time of interacting with people as a functional human being so they could form new impressions of me.
  9. i like to think i'll live on forever in the archives of some digital anthropology department in the year 3000 that takes a genuine academic interest in the garbage i've vomited out of my brain here.
  10. Can't help but feel like no new songs by the second tour after amsp means they're basically done producing new music. I expect at some point one more release with the small handful of unreleased gems left padded out with some artistically solid but unremarkable by Radiohead standards filler, maybe one or two unexpected new classics, then they're clocking out.id love to be proved wrong of course.
  11. My mom is still getting over pneumonia from like two months ago. The hospital staff gave me the Wikipedia explanation
  12. February fucking blows. Cat died, uncle died, best friend and mentor at work got fired leaving the rest of us holding the bag, now the band my buddy and I have been slowly cultivating for at least 8 years and arguably more like 12 rapidly fell apart. I'm seriously in the mindset where I'm eyeing up anything that remotely resembles the familiar and preparing myself for losing it cos I dunno how many more of these little surprises I can handle right now
  13. Apparently there's a good deal of crossover between dues paying members and people who actually work for the organization.
  14. I'm just so used to the flow of this format and I don't really feel like adapting to something else
  15. Read an article this morning (on Jacobin, where else would I have read something) about how the NRA financial contributions are actually relatively tiny and a symptom of the NRA's power rather than the cause of it. It made the argument that the NRA is as powerful as it is largely because of how well organized it is and how involved its members are... I guess the point being that just pinning it on campaign contributions ignores just how many people support it, from whom it derives its real power, and it's kind of dangerous or at least unproductive to let them off the hook or forget about them. Food for thought I guess
  16. She was getting sick fast. Her lungs were filling up with fluid on the last day. Even then she still was curling up with me. I feel like she was trying as hard as she could to stay with me. I'm trying really hard to remember that above all else.
  17. I had to have my cat put down this weekend. I don't really have any thoughts to add to that right now. I just felt the need to post that here while there's still people here to read it. This was for a long time what I'd consider part of my support network. Carry on.
  18. Yeah Blu fucking blows. I haven't tried any others cos I figured they were all similarly bogus and I'm probably better off just trying to quit
  19. Yeah I kept going back to it when I didn't feel like listening to music but didn't want to hear myself think and over time it grew on me to the point where I just genuinely love it now
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