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  1. Definitely a stronger experience than just stringing the b-sides together, but I can't agree that they're shit individually. Weakest ones IMO were Trans-Atlantic and Fast Track, and one of those basically made the cut here. Kind of moot though I guess, it didn't happen so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I still have those MP3s somewhere. I was also very surprised at how much I loved the isolated strings from HTDC, I wasn't expecting them to work so well alone. Dunno why.
  2. can we just take a moment to appreciate that Radiohead generated all this material in like two years?
  3. This version of TLW is far and away the biggest highlight for me. It's really great and not just as an interesting peek into their creative process. LSP is kinda unsettling to me actually - having the IMBW live piano next to the auxiliary parts from the album version plus the completely scrambled lyrics and melody. I don't think I prefer it but it's very interesting. "alt. fast track" makes me irritated that they didn't remaster the b-sides. If You Say the Word and FMA are fine but yeah they don't fit here. I almost feel like they should've done an 'unreleased album' with the tracks from the OKC remaster and these plus some others I might be forgetting? Most of the classic unreleased stuff made it on to albums eventually so maybe there isn't that much more to mine in this way, and I'm probably imprinting my own experience as an internet-dwelling obsessed radiohead fan in the year 2002 or whenever onto how I think they should be handling these releases. But I think the bottom line for them is that they want promotional material to justify selling these albums a second time. Gorgeous as it is, TLW from an alternate timeline wouldn't cut it. Lost classics like Man O War and FMA are made singles.
  4. There's a part of me that wishes they just straight up turned this into an REM song though, like not even trying to hide it.
  5. 😆 it's exactly the same! I guess that makes sense if they had no idea what else to do with it at the time. I never really had any expectations of this song and couldn't have cared less if it got released or not but listening to this is kind of satisfyingly nostalgic - must've listened to it hundreds of times just because it was on the unreleased playlist with everything else. I guess I became fond of it in spite of myself.
  6. woah what how am I just now hearing about this. well I guess at least that increases the odds of getting that song in some form or another. It'd make me a little sad for it not to have the radiohead touch though. a lot of Thom Yorke songs simultaneously make me appreciate what he contributes to the band as well as what he doesn't.
  7. would really have liked remastered versions of those b-sides in an official collection, with some extra tracks... not even because it would've been any better, just it would've had symmetry with oknotok and that sort of thing pleases me. i'm actually really interested to hear what ELSE they did with morning bell.
  8. what? there's a new thom yorke solo album?
  9. they did a good job with it and everything, but to me it's the first legit depressing radiohead album. i just don't really want to voluntarily enter that headspace most of the time. i guess fortunately or unfortunately i was cripplingly sad when it was released so i was grateful for it at the time. i also think the songs just aren't fundamentally as strong at their core. the king of limbs was kind of the same in that regard. both have great styles and arrangements, but those strengths are propping a lot of the songs up rather than cranking them up to 11. not to say they're bad necessarily. they have no business still making music this good 9 albums into their career. but the number of songs i'm truly in love with from top to bottom off the last two albums is like 5 on amsp and 3 on tkol. it's literally every song on in rainbows and all but maybe 3 on httt
  10. i'm not in a rush to hear it i suppose. my radiohead phases are getting fewer and further between. actually just my enthusiasm for music in general has taken a massive nosedive. interesting that cindy mentioned the 2016 election because that's around when i fully receded into the little bubble of my life and immediate surroundings. i rarely listen to albums i haven't heard before, even more rarely by a band i don't already know i like. maybe two or three a year make it past one spin? it might also just be me getting old and hard to impress. my prediction is LP10 will be it. the new material is just flowing too slowly and too much of their creative fuel is being diverted into side projects and they as well are getting old. i seriously doubt that their inability to work with one another will ever be a barrier to new material, so they could at any time spontaneously come together to make a new album pretty much until one of them dies. but yeah. it just looks kinda like the well is running dry. i think i'm ok with that possibility. everything ends. i just ask they please finish skirting on the surface and release it in some fashion before they more or less put radiohead behind them.
  11. Can't help but feel like no new songs by the second tour after amsp means they're basically done producing new music. I expect at some point one more release with the small handful of unreleased gems left padded out with some artistically solid but unremarkable by Radiohead standards filler, maybe one or two unexpected new classics, then they're clocking out.id love to be proved wrong of course.
  12. It's nice. However solo Thom albums are great lessons in why Radiohead is such a special collection of individuals and this one was no different in that regard. In a universe where Radiohead didn't exist and Thom jumped straight to making this stuff maybe I would be less indifferent. Shrug.
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