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  1. yup solid 10/10 guaranteed
  2. were you walking from strand up drury lane on an evening at around 5.30-6 one day? i saw someone who could have been your twin and thought nowt of it because you're in canada but it might actually have been you?!
  3. i have no idea probably divide time between tourist sites and wandering around who knows
  4. smwatson


    MT league 4283918-962966
  5. smwatson


    https://twitter.com/WALM0T33/status/1026770665045680128 goal of the season already
  6. smwatson


    can't stop watching our first goal from sunday my word
  7. smwatson


    fucking hell we're the best team in the world and we'll win every game
  8. smwatson


    welcome, brother let me know if you're in the UK I'll take you to a game
  9. smwatson


    Patrick Bamford you posh cunt, come join the Bielsa promotion train
  10. smwatson


    friday night is the start babyyyyy can't wait now
  11. amazing setlist last night Daydreaming Ful Stop 15 Step Lucky Kid A Burn the Witch The Gloaming Pyramid Song Climbing Up the Walls Idioteque Bloom Reckoner The National Anthem How to Disappear Completely You and Whose Army? There There Street Spirit (Fade Out) Optimistic Nude Identikit Lotus Flower The Bends Spectre Paranoid Android Fake Plastic Trees
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