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  1. amazing setlist last night Daydreaming Ful Stop 15 Step Lucky Kid A Burn the Witch The Gloaming Pyramid Song Climbing Up the Walls Idioteque Bloom Reckoner The National Anthem How to Disappear Completely You and Whose Army? There There Street Spirit (Fade Out) Optimistic Nude Identikit Lotus Flower The Bends Spectre Paranoid Android Fake Plastic Trees
  2. 42 songs across two nights in chicago phwoar blow out & spectre the big rare ones but some belters in both sets
  3. hopefully they mix it up for US but still a decent setlist
  4. fine, if you've never picked up a guitar before you just hold it how you're told i was only about 8 at the time or summat
  5. yeah that was my guitar teacher's angle i'm left handed but she said don't learn a left handed guitar, you'll be worse off later on because so few of the top line stuff is made left handed; and you'll find it easier because your strong hand is doing the bit that's hardest at the start so you'll learn quicker and more likely to keep going
  6. i played it for half an hour or so in a guitar store it's pretty great tbf i just couldn't justify buying it - i decided i want to keep my "normal" white strat, and having two white strats feels like overkill so i'm hanging on for now
  7. hate this thread almost as much as i hate lana del terrible awful stuff
  8. A: 100% please B: 40% A: no, 80% B: 45% A: no, 60% B: 50% A: done
  9. just a negotiation though isn't it start at 100% and accept 30% or whatever lots of grandstanding involved with these sort of legal claims
  10. is it possible that the Hollies legal guys have started this and Radiohead are part of it as co-writers
  11. we still have 4 years to see in any case!
  12. i never really liked CUTW that much but the notes and various demos on the tape made me appreciate it a bit more, the amount of effort they put into that one song i'm sure there was similar stuff for all of them but i guess CUTW was recorded last and they taped over all the other stuff?
  13. my girlfriend asked me what my favourite radiohead song was a while ago and usually i kind of dither and go well it depends but i just answered Let Down straight away and yeah i think i agree
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