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  1. I'm really bummed out that radiohead hasn't announced a tour date for L.A. What is up with that? I'm only a hour and a half from L.A. I know there playing in Santa Barbara and Cochella but i cant remember them not playing in L.A.
  2. Does anyone know if radiohead is coming to Los Angeles this year?
  3. Just for fun i put i want none of this on my TKOL tracklist and to be honest it flows with the album but that's just my opinion. 1.Bloom 2.Morning Mr.Magpie 3.TAMTW 4.Little By Little 5.The Butcher 6.Feral 7.I Want None Of This 8.Lotus Flower 9.Codex 10.Give Up The Ghost 11.Supercollider 12.Separator
  4. 1. Bloom 2. These are my twisted words 3. Morning Mr. Magpie 4. Little by little 5. Feral 6. The Butcher 7. Lotus Flower 8. Harry Patch 9. Codex 10. Give up the ghost 11. Separator 12.Supercollider
  5. My brother in law in San Francisco got me a copy in the mission district.
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