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  1. remember you can vote in part 1 and part two
  2. close thread please, it's not perfect enough so i had to remake it
  3. no planning whatsoever in fact
  4. see above post, they were nominated whoever they are
  5. i told you fuckers to tell me, but no, nobody did
  6. edit: gonna split this one in half
  7. please notify me if any of the following have had accounts previously: dark star jmaureen thisheregiraffe rich jillioteque
  8. move over once, move over twice, oh baby don't be cold as ice
  9. if it's decided that these polls should take place, i'll select the ten most popular of each group and toss them all together into two contests. nice and simple, and it won't take up a lot of space like everyone was afraid it would
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