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  1. the only good thing about Punch-up is that it would be RIPE for a 10-15 minute jam
  2. It's fun when people write 'yeah I haven't listened much to The Beatles... Radiohead are better' or some such. Anyone with half a brain, or at least some knowledge of music, could name a dozen bands better than Radiohead. Kraftwerk, for example.
  3. NationalJazz, I hold you responsible for this freakshow. Great work everybody! Keep it up.
  4. Why not? They're really similar in terms of musical development so as far as I'm concerned it's just a matter of taste.
  5. It's not a question of 'yay' or 'nay'. It's ART. ART should be discussed in deeper terms, such as intuition.
  6. WOW! Can anyone achieve anything better than this glorious temple of new religion? Where will youngsters turn in the future, will their path be headed towards the shrine of OKC or will there be an even greater record by another great artist, such as Dizzee Rascal? WHEREOF is this great glory? What in this magnificent record shines so brightly that it startles an entire generation and more. Is it the pompous (in a positive sense OF COURSE) tones of Airbag, or mayhaps the ghastly chorus of Lucky? Discuss. PS. is thom vegan
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