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  1. Really, if he's going to keep wearing that tux, a cave might not be the worst place for him ...
  2. Excellent track (and stunning video!) but Q whether I need to own 2 CDs/LPs ...
  3. Genuinely, excuse my ignorance - I had no idea this was a thing! I'm tempted to say that, combined with proper noise cancelling earpieces, it would be a better way to listen to most concerts!
  4. If I do will it tell me that the audio going through the in ear monitors is not an output from the mixing board?
  5. Wow. Surely out of the mixing board - how does that get leaked? It sounds like quite a 'developed' song, with practised chord changes etc - given it didn't make the cut in either IR or the bonus disk, that tends to mean that it remains in the mix for further development on later records. I don't think its exactly a classic in its current form, but its a good quality song.
  6. I don't know, French Chateau don't come cheap!
  7. I mean, there was Electioneering ... But other similarities are probably more related to the long term friendship between Stipe and Thom. Eg the very conscious relationship between RH's How to Disappear Completely and REM's (later) Disappear.
  8. There's no lack of energy - but no new songs ...
  9. Man, huge sets! Nothing new though - yet.
  10. They play Optimistic quite a bit live. Poly and Pearly have been on my mind too since listening to the NOTOK disc.
  11. We all hope there are some new songs tried out - but frankly we don't know. It would seem strange if it was just a continuation of the last tour, for example with each concert starting with the first 3 tracks from AMSP.
  12. Yeah it would be pretty bizarre if it's just an extension of the AMSP tour. Why? I mean, they seem to have had a great time performing live in recent times, which might be motivation in itself, but given the difficulty they have these days scheduling time for RH activities away from individual projects, it seems strange to just go back to previous venues to play the same sets. I'm hopeful. Maybe there is an Amnesiac in the can for AMSP's Kid A? Only joking ...
  13. Definitely he is the type of producer who blends with what the band is doing - which is a real strength with a band like RH. My point about Thom's solo projects was that Nigel actually plays instruments etc on most of those records - so by definition there is more of him in them. Although Thom obviously tends to dominate to death whoever he plays with in those situations.
  14. He's been so closely integrated for so long that it's difficult to say really. It might be interesting to contrast what he's done with Thom's solo records, and contrast that with the RH recordings. I think you'll see a lot more of his 'personality' on the solo projects.
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