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  1. Not sure how deep in I am, probably 30ish rounds in (not much going on this weekend, heh). - First listen, as with a lot of Radiohead, you have to sort of dismiss (judgement-wise). I'd be an idiot to think I'd be able to consume even 10% of what was coming out. Bloom and Feral fall in there, so much going on, will take time. MMM LBL will grow I am sure of it. I was most excited about GUTG, its great, but Lotus Flower has been the repeat single so far. It is catchy and the video helps Codex and its lake has me. The number "8" really did get some reaction out of me. Nobody put a
  2. I guess the older the album (within the decade), the more time it has had to prove its staying power and earn more points. And Kid A is a LEGIT #1, no doubt about it. But I also see this choice as more evidence of the last decade of mainstream music just....I don't know, not being that great. Not improving on itself as a whole over the years. Maybe a band like RH getting credit for actually putting great time and effort into an album will influence others. This decade saw the American Idol factory spewing shit, No Doubt/Gwen Stefani going back to high school instead of growing up, the
  3. Thom's kids love RHCP from what I've read months ago in some interview. He was asked about his kids' musical taste and he said something about them listening to RHCP nonstop and Thom said he liked RHCP, but like for any adult, it kind of annoyed him to hear it over and over again. Anyhow, I am sure Thom's young ones are more excited than anyone. I dunno, haven't seen anyone mention that yet. Could be insight on the Flea issue.
  4. I've been watching "The World At War" documentary a lot lately (yeah its about the 2nd one, but same idea), and thought immediately that Jonny's strings here would work insanely well in a war documentary. As for the "boring" debate, I do think the insults to this song are misguided. But I do think you can find some mainstream music or country music boring, because it takes one listen to realize there is nothing original within it and the lyrics are so spoonfed to you that feel like a full-grown adult being forced to watch the "Teletubbies" or something - which is boring.
  5. 'No Surprises' definitely did most recently this past winter. I am a low level worker in corporate America, drastically underachieving, HATING IT, and I just left one day and on the drive home 'No Surprises' got me. Right from the first line...
  6. Sorry...I mean, someone was going to make a thread like this. Sad day in the world of pop. When we are sad, we go to Radiohead to feel better. (...) Okay, I've thought for a few minutes and can't think of a single song, but damn, I would kill to see Thom in a red leather jacket re-enacting the "Thriller" video. Heh, or Jonny replacing MaCAulay Culkin in the beginning of the "Black or White" video... Also a Thom/MJ dance off in heaven (DECADES from now) would set the sky ablaze!
  7. I haven't seen this live version of Skip Divided...or any live version (maybe I need to browse youtube again). But you talk like Skip Divided isn't that good of a song? It is hands down my favorite off The Eraser and I think it is the most desperate/serious sounding song ever between Thom solo and Radiohead! It really capures that sick to your stomach feeling and funk you get in when you are "so desperately in love".. Anyway, just been waiting to praise Skip Divided for way too long...
  8. The In_Rainbows shirts were pretty much designed to be conversation starters with what lyrics were chosen. I bought the Nude and All I Need ones, and I love them...but they look about the same haha. I get dumbass girls asking me what they say at bars occasionally. On the other end, I have talked to a stranger with a Radiohead shirt. Asked where he saw a show (he has a Bodysnatcher shirt on), said "cool", and that is about all.
  9. Thom is REALLY going (pale) green these days. Running to each show across South America and all to lower carbon emissions.
  10. If Jonny "shredded", the Super Collider would be his amp, and he'd blow it up. Also, nobody is mentioning his carpel tunnel syndrome or whatever he has. I hope he doesn't read this thread and try it, then injure himself further!
  11. I really agree with this. I think they obviously play it for nostalgia reasons. I'd love to see Thom sing it with a HUGE smile the whole song to really show its for fun and for the fans, which from the shaky videos, I think he kind of was. Personally, I was scared they were going to play it in Indiana, my home state. Reason being, I was worried Thom and gang would think, "Shit, we are in the middle of a fucking cornfield. These rednecks might kill us if they don't hear 'the big hit.'" Yeah, shitty attitude (sorry), but I would've walked out with mixed emotions if they did. Then ag
  12. "7 Buttholes...But They aren't doing Anything" by Radiohead What the. FUck did I. Just type?
  13. Hah, I guess its comforting to see someone basically posted the same thing before. Yeah, it might be more accurate that the verses talk about capitalism then communism, then both.
  14. I've always had the impression that this song was about capitalism economics and such. "Big fish eat the little ones" - Seems like big businesses swallowing smaller ones or just an individual hording wealth at the expense of others. "Not my problem give me some" - How people care little about changing the system or fighting it, but prefer to go out and get theirs by scraping by or even begging. "You can try the best you can...good enough" - Wow, if there is ever any sarcasm in RH I think this is way up there. At least in America we are told if we try the best we can, it'll take us to
  15. Sheesh, I am beginning to think Thom might have walked through a hallway backstage and happened to pass famous people, and all of the sudden they've all been snubbed. And yeah, never bothered getting a good look at the Miley girl...she isn't all that attractive. That 1-inch thick makeup doesn't help. Her face kind of looks like a plastic doll that has had it's face pushed in and slowly comes back to form, but hers is stuck. Now, if he snubbed the great Billy Ray Cyrus, THAT would another story!
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