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  1. We are a new band From Lima, Peru and we are very excited for this nomination and it would be awesome to open for Tv On The Radio, Garbage and Kasabian on a festival in Lima. The Poll consists on just to "like" your favourite band inside Terra's page. My Direct link is below, thank you very much for anyone willing to help. http://www.terra.com.pe/musica/planetaterra/concursobanda/cecimonster-vs-donka.html Here 's a video from our second and latest album: thank you
  2. Amnesiac is a 10/10 for me, and if I am a douchebag i would rate it 9.7
  3. http://www.cecimonstervsdonka.com Free download of our second album via our web. tags: Alternative, Indie, Post-Rock, Punk, Post-Punk, Emo,, Indie-Rock Here's a video from our first album: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DeGGKxrUzSY Cheers
  4. I think they'd like his voice but in the end is a unique and beautiful voice and that contest looks for Universal Extremely Average Good Singers. Thom doesn't fit there so he wouldn't win.
  5. I downloaded Oneothronix Point Never, it was amazing
  6. that's not a good way to start with The Floyd, individual tracks not good. Start with The Dark Side of The Moon and if you like it listen to my favorite Floyd album: Animals
  7. I think Where I End and You Being could easily be the Best Radiohead song overall
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