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  1. WHOS fnein a bunker!??????? ohhhhh moniker! hahahahaha. Here, although not everywhere, I am indeed allowed to be everything all of the time!
  2. penny royalty you are a boner.
  3. what about radiohead talkboard? I am just wondering where all my old friends went. this place is litterally a ghosttown in comparison to what it was three or four years ago.
  4. Which one is it? MT, ATEASE, Official?
  5. I have a vintage fender bass man 1965 head, which had a circut mod for guitar, and i play out of a celestion marshall 4x12 cab :-) :-) :-) this is my tele... I just got her on friday in the mail, soooo cool :-) I am going to put a pearl grey pickguard on it to match my strat.
  6. student, guitar teacher, intern at a bank under the loan origination department. but at heart :ninja::ninja:
  7. interesting, so jonny played a rickenbacker before his telecaster! interesting indeed. I just got my 1993 tele plus, it is awsomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  8. jonathan greenwood , becuase he is vegan ( or at least i think), he plays guitar and piano, and he dosen't drink or smoke or do drugs. all these things are meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  9. cloud cookoo i totally remember you from 2006 ish. good to see ya.
  10. what is the atmosphere over there like? It seems like , at least to me, MT and GP is more centered around "Stardom" and song meanings. Also, MT often seems to get off topic and turn into a troll board quite quickly. I do remember about four or five years ago that various members of radiohead actually visited here, as well as referenced green plastic. I think those days might be long gone. I don't see alot of the people I recognize here, so perhaps they stepped over to ateaseweb. Is it generally the same as here?
  11. I am so bored at work i doubt just one radiohead message board would do! although i do go to harmony central to get my gear fix every once in a while. How many of you use ateaseweb? what is it like over there?
  12. Can you post here so I can remember your faces, from around 2005-2006 era? I still talk to Dorothybonkers, and I recognize radiocoocoo, where did all the other people go ?. :-( My side-show internet second-life is lacking now that I am back in these parts. But I guess it is humbling to see all the new fans :-)
  13. Anyone know what kind of guitar Jonny Played before 1992 when the fender telecaster plus model was released? I know before his gibson es-333/5 ed played a telecaster and i know thom played an SG and a tele custom. What about jon jon?
  14. Tears that not only sweep from joy to emotional depravity, but also shutter with gregarious humanity (Radiohead makes me feel incredible human) :-) "One day I am gonna grow wings.. a ch[emical]--->... let down and [hanging]... around"-->....
  15. I know that david byrne was playing with arcade fire ( who i don't really enjoy)... I was wondering if he ever gave any credit to radiohead? Or if they did anything musically together?
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