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  1. WHOS fnein a bunker!??????? ohhhhh moniker! hahahahaha. Here, although not everywhere, I am indeed allowed to be everything all of the time!
  2. penny royalty you are a boner.
  3. what about radiohead talkboard? I am just wondering where all my old friends went. this place is litterally a ghosttown in comparison to what it was three or four years ago.
  4. Which one is it? MT, ATEASE, Official?
  5. I have a vintage fender bass man 1965 head, which had a circut mod for guitar, and i play out of a celestion marshall 4x12 cab :-) :-) :-) this is my tele... I just got her on friday in the mail, soooo cool :-) I am going to put a pearl grey pickguard on it to match my strat.
  6. interesting, so jonny played a rickenbacker before his telecaster! interesting indeed. I just got my 1993 tele plus, it is awsomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  7. jonathan greenwood , becuase he is vegan ( or at least i think), he plays guitar and piano, and he dosen't drink or smoke or do drugs. all these things are meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  8. cloud cookoo i totally remember you from 2006 ish. good to see ya.
  9. what is the atmosphere over there like? It seems like , at least to me, MT and GP is more centered around "Stardom" and song meanings. Also, MT often seems to get off topic and turn into a troll board quite quickly. I do remember about four or five years ago that various members of radiohead actually visited here, as well as referenced green plastic. I think those days might be long gone. I don't see alot of the people I recognize here, so perhaps they stepped over to ateaseweb. Is it generally the same as here?
  10. I am so bored at work i doubt just one radiohead message board would do! although i do go to harmony central to get my gear fix every once in a while. How many of you use ateaseweb? what is it like over there?
  11. Anyone know what kind of guitar Jonny Played before 1992 when the fender telecaster plus model was released? I know before his gibson es-333/5 ed played a telecaster and i know thom played an SG and a tele custom. What about jon jon?
  12. Tears that not only sweep from joy to emotional depravity, but also shutter with gregarious humanity (Radiohead makes me feel incredible human) :-) "One day I am gonna grow wings.. a ch[emical]--->... let down and [hanging]... around"-->....
  13. I know that david byrne was playing with arcade fire ( who i don't really enjoy)... I was wondering if he ever gave any credit to radiohead? Or if they did anything musically together?
  14. I am sure this has been posted, but i am having a difficult time locating it here... Is there any known footage from the infamous grammy awards with ED and Colin togehter on mushrooms? I also remember seeing some sort of video with ED and Thom accepting an award and Ed is WAYY taller than thom. any footage?
  15. Edie and eye are in a fight over football. He loves it. Coz bought em some strawberries to cheer em up, but he ended up eatin them all. Today we are in scotland proclaiming to be somebody we are not. we are looking forward to meeting each and everyone of you peace thom
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