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  1. more like + Cuttouth I think the main thing the two songs seem to have in common is a strong beat applied to synth or piano. and the beat from aphex doesn't match supercollider. synth sounds are synth sounds, and the aphex twin one isn't even in the foreground. I don't know. yeah, I'm making a weak case, sure.
  2. the thread runs up to the current date, and the albums getting the most discussion in those early pages seem to be The Bends through Kid A. I think enough time has passed for most of those guys. not preferring the band, yeah, that's fine. but the reasons are debatable. not lurker friendly :/ and I am too laziness-friendly.
  3. http://www.electrical.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=777&hilit=radiohead from Steve Albini's website's forum. five votes from the bottom, someone named Itchy comes along and does a great job representing the over-the-top, pompous academic, and still quite naive fan. aside from that, there's a really lukewarm overall reaction to Radiohead, a good number of "B to the ORING" complaints, a number of people who were turned off by the alleged whininess of Meeting People Is Meeting. seems like there aren't too many people in there I agree with. I just did some lurking so no, you won't find anything from me in there. any other forums you'd like to submit?
  4. kafka.

    hey evan, here's the Sea Lions show: http://www.ticketweb.com/t3/sale/SaleEventDetail?dispatch=loadSelectionData&eventId=3535345

    bad news: it's on a tuesday, and it'll cost some money

    good news: the headliner (Beach Fossils) sound pretty good.

  5. ahh damn you, you're working too slow, Parklol. I'll be gone from this area for forever at May 15th.

  6. listen you asshole, when and where is your LA show?!

  7. yr awesome, izzy. hey, have you posted any downloadable Dorcia?

  8. now and then as I hunker down*

  9. hey danny, sorry for not replying timely. that payment was really touching. all sincerity, gratitude, and manlove unabashedly stated for the record. it's something I'll think of every now and then I hunker down and get serious about recording/finishing this next album. Thanks again. That was a real (needed) ego boost.

  10. hey izzy, are you getting dorcia into the battle of the bands? that would be pretty fun.

  11. every rock song ever is about heroin, sex, or kurt cobain's suicide
  12. I'd suspected that and hearing these two extra songs confirms it pretty well. It was done with good reason. But I hope, despite Ed's "start afresh" quote, that some of the pre-TKOL songs will be tried again. funny how Thom vocalized the anti-album mindset when, I think, a cohesive album approach overrode a collection of songs. some were cut and chosen based on whether they fit the album. which looks pretty pro-album to me. they say recording albums burns them out. they go as far as saying the format's flawed. but the fact remains that Radiohead is the best band at recording consistent, amazing, and self-characteristic albums.
  13. I can't wait until we move past this whole "guitar lesson" nonsense that's been going on too long and we start digging deep into "pedal lessons," featuring Ed's 7 volume DVD set. We all know how to play the guitar, but how many of us can play the pedals? ^ I might copyright that.
  14. the article missed the main reason some of us have been after more material: only 3 out of ~15 songs we knew were recorded. we had a very good idea of what could potentially follow soon. That also happened with Kid A, didn't it? 'Egyptian Song' (Pyramid Song) was just one of the live favorites that was left off Kid A. But who expects the major media outlets to get pop culture completely right? A slapdash approach to what happened here is better than, say, complete fabrications.
  15. sorry bitches, it was a snap judgment.
  16. I happened to be listening to this as I came across the thread title
  17. certainly, but an acrylic font tattoo would probably be better.
  18. he already did the radiohead movie, and won the oscar for it. you really don't remember?
  19. australia or new zealand, right? don't worry, it's not that good anyway.
  20. I'd heard this in my head for a long time.
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