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  1. phew, mystery solved. for a minute i thought my mac had caught one of the 12 mac viruses out there. that wouldve been embarrassing.

  2. hey cinders, I think your sig is asking me to log into villagephotos whenever I load a thread where you've posted. you don't gotta do nothing with this information, but I'm kinda curious. is that where your photo's from?

  3. Pop Is Dead is not without its positive merits. The endings on Pablo Honey songs are overlooked. The Jonny guitar line in Big Boots after the falsetto "for you" is immature and below his talent. It also sums up the song as a whole needing a rewrite before it would deserve a current-day studio release. Bodysnatchers is one of their best rock songs ever. Colin is overlooked as the main songwriter and lifeblood of Radiohead. Phil has the best live vocal parts. Phil also has the best hair. Had. He's got the high score. They need to bring back the pirate shirt look. The OK Computer tour experience wasn't that bad for Thom. Jonny could use his guitar to fight krakens and save children. Ed does have a solo album he is secretly waiting for the perfect time to see its release, and there are clues drifting about. None of these last few were serious. Dead Air Space is not actually by the band, and it's a wonder why so many still think it to be authentic. OK Computer 2 is still awaiting release, and only a bet Thom had with Nigel over cards is holding it back to this day. They will never stop touring thanks to human freezing, time travel, and organ cloning. Thom once saved the lives of the entire theater hall audience. It was during a production of Waiting for Godot. You will believe me about all of this soon. My eyes widened reading this post, seeing each word say the exact opposite of what I've always said of Jigsaw since the album release (well, barring the Thom live vocals. Maybe that would sway me a bit if I payed closer attention). Then I had a good because you've got to appreciate something like that happening. agreed. I always thought the binaural percussion was a trick they could have saved for a better song.
  4. one day, that song came undone for me. one part still stays, and that's the vocals ("it's gonna be a glorious day" is a vocal highlight on an album with stiff competition of vocal highlights), and the song starts out strong. but, similar to My Iron Lung, it gets boring. The quietloudquiet is too obvious, too repetitive, and too simple. Where are the instrumental lines that keep you coming back over and over, that you're able to receive some high level of awe from each time? or at least most of the time. listen to that Jonny guitar line in the chorus. Is that the best Jonny can do? This sounds like a song frozen in time, significantly pointing out where Radiohead had written a song that was less advanced for where they were at the time (at least instrumentally). which makes it that one song that feels like it shouldn't be in the major leagues, on that album. in summary, I agree with hella jeff.
  5. I don't think I'd ever call segue/theme tracks weak songs. Unless they were objectively bad segue tracks. One or two segue tracks on IR would have been kind of cool. I'd love to know what they would sound like. And no, those MK's wouldn't cut it. Pablo, The Bends - too easy to pick the weak songs OK Computer - Electioneering? Lucky? Kid A - This is an album with only great songs Amnesiac - On some days, Morning Bell/Amnesiac is the weak link HTTT - A number of subjective contenders IR - On some days, Faust Arp. Jigsaw's always underwhelming compared with the live version. Some will say the same about Videotape, but the album version has its separate strengths. The album Jigsaw gained nothing while losing something. TKOL - Feral, and Little by Little on some days Kid A is the winner by this measure.
  6. Tristan, my pissed-off-with MT-humanity-for-good-reasons friend, if you've got no time or no fucks given to switch out another version of my song, no problem. But, Brian took out some vocal reverb and it'll be the album version. With yours and george's help, it could be the BOTB version too: http://www.mediafire.com/?r51aib19ghyagx2

  7. he's our hero!

  8. kafka.

    I want to say I am a huge fan of the current av/sig.

  9. Updated, Final Version of Round 2 Liquid Lunch: http://www.mediafire.com/?31h2hztxdx3qtdh

  10. here's my 2nd round submission (drums and mastering credit go to our favorite mter, Athalon): http://www.sendspace.com/file/y2idap

  11. and maybe we'll get a Pop Is Dead encore from the basement.
  12. grow my hair grow my hair I wanna be Thom Yorke
  13. I thought this was about Thom Yorke vs. John Ashcroft: let get these war crime trials started. after seeing my mistake and reading your post, it makes me want to check out a verve album, since I've heard the Bitter Sweet Symphony single a million times and nothing else like a lot of people.
  14. hey vivi, I don't know if this changes whether you think yr bored/lame, but you're my ya hero of the past 72 hours.

  15. this post is quite funny if you forget this isn't actually Ed
  16. I covered my bases two more times. More like desperately tried to steal twice in a row. I had to make some minor (but potentially essential) volume/mixing changes. Tristan has it in email.

  17. I already emailed this to you, but here's a mediafire link just in case: http://www.mediafire.com/?gnw1x2r81kot955

  18. I already emailed this to tristan, but just to cover my bases: http://www.mediafire.com/?gnw1x2r81kot955

  19. that's a good combo for a number of reasons - the piano rhythm + electronic beat - but I don't think it adds up to the optimism in Supercollider.
  20. it's a song with one of my favorite outros on an album full of good outros, but it also has some of the most forced sounding lyrics.
  21. kafka.

    alright, good luck with it. I'll be able to go regardless.

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