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  1. Thinking of You/Nude/Jigsaw Falling Into Place/A Reminder/True Love Waits
  2. sweet! I've always wanted to be in a portuguese-language Radiohead blog, no joke
  3. I was a little out of it, Aaron. I didn't mean it sarcastically. I swear.

  4. nah, in internet terms it's kind of like having something in your teeth. I don't mind.
  5. there's enough doubt with suicide/death in Videotape that I wouldn't be at all confident trying to convince a non-fan that it's a happy song. suicide isn't necessarily the topic, but death certainly is. and maybe it's not so literal to Thom. but, eh, it's a very big feat to take death as a subject and come out with a happy song.
  6. thanks a lot, man. every once in a while, I'll get all analytical and have fun looking up songs, comparisons, quotes, etc. I'm grateful to everyone who thinks of these topics that get me going. rarely do I ever make these sort of threads myself. I hope you enjoy the trip. yes, there's definitely a subjectivity to True Love Waits. That's certainly my personal list up there, and only a handful of them I'd defend as fact.
  7. yeah, my love for some of these songs outweighed a more objective decision, true. I don't think Hearing Damage would convert or surprise anyone of the Radiohead-is-doom-and-gloom view, but Fog and True Love Waits might. Mainly because I think both of them have earnest hope, and True Love Waits is, at its core, a love song. Not all love songs have carefree lyrics throughout, which gives them depth. it's certainly not a break-up song. it's a pledge song, like I Promise, and I think that genuine commitment, desire, realization, is a very happy thing, but still just barely light enough to not be of the draining cathartic variety. the "I'm not living, I'm just killing time" lines highlight how meaningless life can be without the person you know you need. it makes that yearning all the more pure and beautiful. it's also why I included I Might Be Wrong, "what would I do/if I did not have you".
  8. I agree so much with this post. but then also disagree. there are a few embarrassing lyrics past pablo honey & bones. There's all of Sulk, Punchdrunk Lovesick Singalong, part of Go to Sleep, and Little by Little could've been better. There are parts I love with that one, and a lot that's a little too loose.
  9. I'm going to start with a big long list and maybe in another post, highlight a few songs and give reasons. my list, by albums and the accompanying b-sides, side projects, etc. era: Preface There are several factors in my list here. One is the exclusion of the cathartic song. There are several songs that could leave one on a purifying emotional note, but the exhaustion rules out 'happy' as too shallow or inaccurate a description. I approached this partially as a list presented to someone who starts with the notion that Radiohead is doom and gloom and never hopeful. So, songs like There There, Fake Plastic Trees, Stupid Car haven't made my cut. Some of these are cathartic, but not as disqualifyingly draining. A simpler factor is the hopeful song that deals with an angry topic (typical something like the failure of world leaders, greed of corporations) and it makes the cut due to hopefulness (Go to Sleep), but some songs relish in the anger and don't make the cut (2+2=5). I think I prefer the 2+2=5 approach. Last, a number of songs at first are neutral, and an analysis of lyrics and music tip them over to one side or the other. So... here we have mine: Lurgee India Rubber I Promise Lift Airbag Let Down Karma Police Meeting in the Aisles Everything In Its Right Place Kid A I Might Be Wrong Cuttooth True Love Waits Fog Go to Sleep Sail to the Moon Atoms for Peace Iluvya Hearing Damage Open the Floodgates All for the Best (granted it's a cover) Reckoner Bloom Lotus Flower Separator Supercollider to highlight songs from my list that are obviously and immediately happy songs, where there's no doubt that the lyrics or music might have a sarcastic edge, avoids heavy themes, or at least deals with them lightly enough: I Promise Lift Cuttooth Worrywort All for the Best (granted it's a cover) Separator Supercollider Interesting to note how little The Bends and IR eras show up here, given that they're more accessible, whatever you want to say, lighter, than most of the other eras. The Amnesiac b-sides are pretty strong. If I'm picking only one (which is the point here), I'll take Worrywort. It's an understated song, but ridiculously and wonderfully happy.
  10. yeah :L I also hear, "blows my cover". then again, I also hear "little by little and a backruuub"
  11. I really don't know where else to put this. nor whether it's been posted before. my apologies. stick it out to the end, if you bother:
  12. Let Down (badly) http://goo.gl/doodle/1bDV4 Talk Show Host (not as badly) http://goo.gl/doodle/7Rcre um. George. Uh... was that... was that a Blink 182 song???
  13. the real question is how many of them make uncomfortable jokes in the radiohead forums.
  14. a simple song could be one of the best, and one that reaches you more directly than most songs. and a complicated song could be a bumbling, laughable mess. so why does simple fail on Codex? it doesn't for me, so you have to sell me on why, if you care. Coldplay's problem is that they never seem to get the lyrics right. Radiohead may go too dark sometimes (and honestly, I think Codex may share something in common with Street Spirit in that it's darker than it sounds). but Codex also holds the opposite. Some listens, it's a relief. A relaxer. Slow down. Get ready to wake up again. I'm not at all eloquent or in-depth with this post, my apologies. oh, ps - did Coldplay copyright simplicity and vocal melody resolutions? Sounds like you've skipped a lot of Radiohead songs. or anyone's songs. Someone took a few stylings from Radiohead (Thom's noted the voice), and the comedy ever since has been that that someone had nothing to say. He's good at crying waterfalls, apparently.
  15. Stars released an album in 2007, of remixes and covers. Allmusic: http://allmusic.com/artist/stars-p198843/discography/compilations This would be a very different scenario if Radiohead were to release nothing, which is what Bennyboy must have expected, or he should have clarified. Even 'new music' doesn't save the terms since taking old material, doing something with it to make it new, equals new music. If it weren't new music, it would be a reissue. And whether it's Radiohead doing something new to it or someone else doesn't count, so long as Radiohead is the one releasing this new music. but, Nick, stop being mean about this. Bennyboy may have his typical sarcasm, but using such a tasteless name-calling trick like that (something you're familiar with on the opposite end) crosses the line, Nick. The one rule we have that leads to all other rules is: here.
  16. Liz, you have no idea how happy that makes me. My biggest worry throughout that whole writing and recording experience was that you would like it and I served the words in the right way. I couldn't be happier now. <3 I'm wishing you the best, always.

  17. Happy birthday, Fanny! I hope you had a good drunken time of it. <3

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