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  1. Let's get a room. Do you live anywhere near Prague?
  2. I'll take one as well, please.
  3. I know it's just, I coulda been a contender.
  4. I can't believe some of these people (rael) haven't been here as long as me. Man, it's sad but I wish I was in this poll.
  5. Nah. I don't think it's the final one. Stanley said it would look more like a rainbow in a toxic puddle er somthing. This doesn't have much of a rainbow anything.
  6. hardest choice yet. daisy bell is a great lady and sirboxalot's a cool dude, but Rael is....just so totally in your face how can you not vote for him?
  7. Fictional Character has more authority than common sense itself. At least in my view.
  8. What's the name of that thread? It's by far one of the best on MT.
  9. it's probably going to be live songs and music videos we've all seen on youtube.
  10. http://www.mortigitempo.com/too_bored/showthread.php?t=52452&highlight=give+shit+beatles Oh, the shame.
  11. I believe this was done by king burt. It should seriously be on the cover.
  12. has some of the best youtube performances. Thom's voice is full. Jonny plays a fantastic solo on Banana Co. You can hear Ed's guitar on Let Down. Let Down Banana Co. Nude
  13. Thanks. It's been a variance of oranges that look like pumpkins and my current vomit pumpkin. So it's new.
  14. There are so many jack-offs in here and not nearly enough kleenex for them all.
  15. 15 Step: 5- Nude: 10 Weird Fishes: 9 Reckoner: 17 Jigsaw:11+
  16. But he's saying what if it wasn't first?
  17. It's a good question. Not an important one, though. I'd say if In Rainbows was released in 97, radiohead would've had more fans than critical acclaim. IR is more accessible than Ok Computer.
  18. I think Thom and Ed'll do it a handful of times on the next tour. It wasn't uncommon for Thom to play a song by himself or with one other band member at a whole band gig--I want none of this, nude 1997 version, the rhodes true love waits, etc.
  19. Ed somewhat shares lead vocals in this performance of 2+2=5 on Letterman.
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