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  1. looks like we had one provocative interview, cindy.
  2. D'awwwwwwwww!!!! I'm so proud to have taken the first picture.
  3. agoldenpoem: sometimes it seems like we have too many forums already M0dest Me: ok, if you had to get rid of one, which one? agoldenpoem: probably computer geekdom agoldenpoem: although a lot of people use it M0dest Me: yeah, those neerds agoldenpoem: so it will never go M0dest Me: but I'd personally get rid of sports agoldenpoem: really? M0dest Me: yeah M0dest Me: never post there agoldenpoem: i kinda like it agoldenpoem: i read about baseball stuff there sometimes M0dest Me: i only posted there once when I had my name on the last post in every forum, at 4am one night agoldenpoem: and football agoldenpoem: haha M0dest Me: how many hours do you spend on average a day at MT? agoldenpoem: oh, the thing with mt is agoldenpoem: i'll check in first thing in the morning M0dest Me: and hten all of a sudden it's time to go to bed? agoldenpoem: and then if theres a discussion i want to be involved in i'll hang around agoldenpoem: but most of the time, i leave and go do other stuff M0dest Me: ok agoldenpoem: just check in every once in awhile, see whats going on M0dest Me: what do I have to do to get you to listen to my album? agoldenpoem: i tend to be there late afternoon more M0dest Me: (oh by the way, no one will believe that) agoldenpoem: nobody will believe that? agoldenpoem: why? M0dest Me: lol, because I think everyone believes you live at MT agoldenpoem: ohh agoldenpoem: thats probably because of the post count M0dest Me: one of my earliest MT memories was some n00b saying, 'OMG MODS MOVE THIS THREAD PLZ' and you posted saying, 'contrary to popular belief, mods do not leave at MT' agoldenpoem: haha M0dest Me: it was as disillusioning as that time you first find out that teachers don't live at school : / agoldenpoem: well its true agoldenpoem: haha agoldenpoem: i will listen to your record M0dest Me: what do I have to do to get you to listen to my album? agoldenpoem: album M0dest Me: oh, cool agoldenpoem: thing M0dest Me: you saw it M0dest Me: yes M0dest Me: thank you agoldenpoem: =) M0dest Me: it's in your art, liquid lunch - get whet, tell me what you think M0dest Me: and that goes for all you readers out there!! agoldenpoem: okeydokey M0dest Me: so...Penny....he's pretty cute agoldenpoem: yep he's a cutie M0dest Me: what's your favorite thread on MT? or top three? agoldenpoem: he's got a mean shovel though M0dest Me: hahaha, what? agoldenpoem: his got a mean shovel. agoldenpoem: ask him about it agoldenpoem: if you dare M0dest Me: ok agoldenpoem: favorite thread? M0dest Me: yeah, or top 3 agoldenpoem: i dunno, maybe the longest in other music, and the photo thread, and and and agoldenpoem: i dunno M0dest Me: that's enough M0dest Me: what was the last thing to make you cry? agoldenpoem: i don't actually keep them in mind agoldenpoem: forrest gump =( M0dest Me: I love you, Jennay. agoldenpoem: when he was talking at jenny's grave agoldenpoem: YES M0dest Me: aww : / agoldenpoem: *cries M0dest Me: i may not be a smaht man, but I know what love eeeaaaus. agoldenpoem: haha M0dest Me: lol M0dest Me: how's this interview going for you? agoldenpoem: its good M0dest Me: cool agoldenpoem: hows it going for you? M0dest Me: Did you hear Dolly's going to interview me? It's going good, a little fast for my pace. agoldenpoem: hang on just a sec M0dest Me: k agoldenpoem: ok sorry M0dest Me: ok agoldenpoem: dolly? thats good M0dest Me: yeah M0dest Me: think he'll tear me a new one? agoldenpoem: he's a good guy agoldenpoem: he'll be cool M0dest Me: he's dope M0dest Me: cool agoldenpoem: you callin him a dope? M0dest Me: let's see... agoldenpoem: waht? agoldenpoem: ohh agoldenpoem: i see M0dest Me: what's the most romantic thing you're husband's ever done for you? M0dest Me: your* agoldenpoem: ohhh, married me agoldenpoem: that was pretty romantic M0dest Me: how did he propose? agoldenpoem: haha agoldenpoem: it was a terrible proposal M0dest Me: lol M0dest Me: oh no! agoldenpoem: it was agoldenpoem: he had the ring and he was gonna ask me on my birthday M0dest Me: mmhmm agoldenpoem: but like a week before we got into this big discussion M0dest Me: mmhmm agoldenpoem: and i was all "if you don't want it to ever go any further than just living together just let me know" agoldenpoem: and all this agoldenpoem: so he went and got the ring and tossed it in my lap agoldenpoem: =\ M0dest Me: lol, that sucks! agoldenpoem: hahah M0dest Me: no kneeling??? agoldenpoem: nooo agoldenpoem: you had to be there i guess M0dest Me: *shakes head* M0dest Me: yeah agoldenpoem: i dont mind agoldenpoem: its one of those things we look at and laugh about M0dest Me: How much money would I have to pay you to get Mortigi Tempo and the couple tattooed on right above your breasts? agoldenpoem: more money than you will ever imagine M0dest Me: lol M0dest Me: what about just Mortigi Tempo wherever you want? agoldenpoem: nah, i dont want any tattoos M0dest Me: ok agoldenpoem: i used to want one agoldenpoem: but i got over it M0dest Me: Cindy, cindy on the wall, who's the cutest MT couple of them all? agoldenpoem: harry & kath M0dest Me: I guess agoldenpoem: for now! M0dest Me: they're both a little annoying though, you know? agoldenpoem: nooo M0dest Me: love 'em to death M0dest Me: but... M0dest Me: ok, fine M0dest Me: tell me something about Penny and Roger that most people don't know agoldenpoem: hmmm, penny is very thoughtful and gets his feelings hurt occasionally when people treat him poorly. roger is a real smart guy and is pretty involved with a lot of stuff people don't realize, but everyone has the idea he's just so laid back they think he doesn't do anything. M0dest Me: Cinders? M0dest Me: k agoldenpoem: haha agoldenpoem: thought i left, huh? M0dest Me: yeah, really M0dest Me: what's the best band you've found from people's advice in OM? agoldenpoem: knowp and mooks both told me about jesus lizard, and i like them a lot. M0dest Me: cool, cool agoldenpoem: greenthings got me into wilco but not really from OM. M0dest Me: I'd say Dinosaur Jr thanks to that pot-smoking delinquent, what's his face? agoldenpoem: who? M0dest Me: you nkow, has a boner for J Mascis, salad in his sig? agoldenpoem: ohh agoldenpoem: um agoldenpoem: radiofly? M0dest Me: he'll be pissed if he reads this, no agoldenpoem: does he have a salad? M0dest Me: JoyDivided! agoldenpoem: they all lik j mascis agoldenpoem: ohhhhhh thats right M0dest Me: yeah M0dest Me: whatta hippie agoldenpoem: i have sigs turned off, btw. M0dest Me: oh M0dest Me: damn M0dest Me: no kafka for you agoldenpoem: haha M0dest Me: alright, i think we've gone into over time here M0dest Me: let's wrap it up agoldenpoem: yes isr agoldenpoem: sir M0dest Me: any questions for me before I ask your final question? agoldenpoem: ummmm, no not really M0dest Me: : / agoldenpoem: sorry M0dest Me: that's fine agoldenpoem: my brain isn't working M0dest Me: What was your happiest day on MT? agoldenpoem: when i saw rh at berkeley. M0dest Me: nice agoldenpoem: hanging around earlier in the day while waiting, and then reporting about it after M0dest Me: what was MT like that day? which day did you go? agoldenpoem: was fun M0dest Me: I went saturday, I think agoldenpoem: i went on saturday the 24th M0dest Me: wow!!! M0dest Me: we were in the same show agoldenpoem: haha! M0dest Me: alright, folks, that wraps it up agoldenpoem: carolina was there too. M0dest Me: thanks for the interview, cindy, thanks for reading everyone else M0dest Me: who? agoldenpoem: carolina M0dest Me: what's her sn? agoldenpoem: skatterbraind M0dest Me: ooh M0dest Me: cool agoldenpoem: shoulda met up! agoldenpoem: alright, thank you!
  4. M0dest Me: interview motherfucker: do you want them?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! agoldenpoem (ChitraMyQueen/Chroma/Cindy): um M0dest Me: I mean, dear sweet cindy, would you please like an interview? agoldenpoem: um agoldenpoem: ok M0dest Me: ... M0dest Me: yes! M0dest Me: Ok M0dest Me: so, first question M0dest Me: who did you kill to win your mod throne? agoldenpoem: did i kill someone? agoldenpoem: it was another lifetime ago agoldenpoem: there were bodies everywhere M0dest Me: ok M0dest Me: How sad did you feel the day you had to ban Kafkadoodle per my request? agoldenpoem: i can't say who i was responsible for personally agoldenpoem: oh, that was very sad, very sad agoldenpoem: but i knew you'd be back M0dest Me: :-) agoldenpoem: cuz you wub us and all M0dest Me: On a scale of 1-10, how awesome will it be when we meet up before the radiohead show? M0dest Me: I sure do! agoldenpoem: it will be about a 7 at the beginning agoldenpoem: cuz i'll be all nervous like M0dest Me: lol agoldenpoem: and then hopefully M0dest Me: first time meeting an MTer agoldenpoem: we'll all relax M0dest Me: mmhmm agoldenpoem: and it will be a nice big 10 M0dest Me: nice M0dest Me: What was your hardest modding choice? agoldenpoem: oh, banning people is hardest agoldenpoem: we had a debate about banning kemp over the name thing M0dest Me: whoever you had to lay the banhammer down on, or do you send all the hard shots to Penny because he gets off on it? M0dest Me: what name thing? agoldenpoem: but it wasn't really hard or anything M0dest Me: whoever = who did agoldenpoem: when he had the swastika things in his name agoldenpoem: we've all banned people M0dest Me: oooh yeah, I remember that agoldenpoem: penny's not the only one M0dest Me: but he does get off on it, right? agoldenpoem: hahah M0dest Me: lol agoldenpoem: i'm not going to say he does agoldenpoem: but you know . . . M0dest Me: ok, I hear there's a secret forum for mods only. How awesome is it? agoldenpoem: oh man agoldenpoem: parties all the time M0dest Me: I knew it. agoldenpoem: radiohead pops in for visits agoldenpoem: its so cool M0dest Me: damn! agoldenpoem: how'd you find out? M0dest Me: man...I wish I were a mod agoldenpoem: we'll have to ban you now. M0dest Me: oh, sometimes I'm psychic agoldenpoem: ohhh M0dest Me: uh ohs... M0dest Me: yeah M0dest Me: so, you, Penny and Roger...does it ever get lonely between just the three of you? If you could make someone else or someones else a mod, who would you pick and why? agoldenpoem: nah, its not lonely at all. in fact its nice - i always feel like one of them has my back. M0dest Me: aw, that's heartwarming agoldenpoem: i actually asked jonathan to make knowp a mod at one point agoldenpoem: but he figured 3 were enough at the time. agoldenpoem: now, i dunno ... maybe robin or .... agoldenpoem: kemp! M0dest Me: LOL agoldenpoem: that would be great! M0dest Me: that's some sick humor you've got there agoldenpoem: philistine would be good probably M0dest Me: you know Kemp would make an ass-rape forum, right? Just so he post about all the ass-rape he'd do as a mod. M0dest Me: he hasn't posted much, has he? agoldenpoem: philistine? M0dest Me: yeah M0dest Me: I haven't seen him much agoldenpoem: he hasn't been around much just lately agoldenpoem: personal life and all M0dest Me: ok M0dest Me: what's your favorite curse word? agoldenpoem: shit agoldenpoem: or probably fuck agoldenpoem: one of those M0dest Me: ok M0dest Me: or shitfuck? agoldenpoem: sometimes M0dest Me: Whycome you never post pictures of your husband? Does he not like that? And how jealous does he get of your time spent on MT? agoldenpoem: um, because thats private life stuff, which i prefer to keep private. i don't know if he'd like it or not. and yes, he does get real tired of it. agoldenpoem: i wouldn't say jealous necessarily M0dest Me: : / M0dest Me: let's play a game agoldenpoem: ok M0dest Me: any game you'd particularly like to play? agoldenpoem: um, i dunno agoldenpoem: i thought you had something in mind M0dest Me: ok, how about, I say a poster's name and you say, "Nice ______" ok? agoldenpoem: haha, ok M0dest Me: ok M0dest Me: Happy Philistine M0dest Me: ... agoldenpoem: nice poster M0dest Me: Kemp agoldenpoem: sorry, was interrupted M0dest Me: np agoldenpoem: nice troll agoldenpoem: haha M0dest Me: lol M0dest Me: Penny agoldenpoem: nice guy M0dest Me: Roger agoldenpoem: nice guy M0dest Me: Chroma agoldenpoem: nice colors M0dest Me: Ona agoldenpoem: hahah M0dest Me: It's a trap!!! agoldenpoem: nice girl M0dest Me: ThomasJ agoldenpoem: yes i saw that agoldenpoem: nice guy M0dest Me: rapefish agoldenpoem: nice fishie M0dest Me: Thom Yorke agoldenpoem: nice lips M0dest Me: lol M0dest Me: ooooooo M0dest Me: looks like cindy wants to have some extra-marital make-out sessions M0dest Me: ooooo agoldenpoem: he just has some really nice lips M0dest Me: when did you get married and how fantastic wasi t? M0dest Me: (but some really ugly teeth, especially in that idioteque video) agoldenpoem: long long ago and it was pretty fantastic, and it still is M0dest Me: were you young? M0dest Me: how old are you now? agoldenpoem: yeah, its such a weird contrast agoldenpoem: thats all priviliged information that i don't share M0dest Me: lol M0dest Me: not sharing age? agoldenpoem: even my husband doesn't know agoldenpoem: he thinks i'm 97 M0dest Me: LOL M0dest Me: damn, you have me lolling every five minutes M0dest Me: ok, what's something no one knows about you? agoldenpoem: my age obviously M0dest Me: you tricky woman, you agoldenpoem: =) M0dest Me: so...Just/Paranoid...she's pretty cute, eh? agoldenpoem: mmhmm M0dest Me: yep agoldenpoem: =) M0dest Me: what's been your favorite interview so far of mine? M0dest Me: (aside from this one) agoldenpoem: ohh, um the thomas one was pretty cool M0dest Me: yeah, that was loads of fun M0dest Me: especially when I yelled at him for leaving, then he came back as Kala M0dest Me: why does ThomasJ have a girl's name now? agoldenpoem: yeah, poor thomas M0dest Me: it makes no sense! agoldenpoem: i thought it was a girls name too! agoldenpoem: poor confused thomas M0dest Me: I know. M0dest Me: he got pretty gay in the time he was gone. M0dest Me: guess that's what happens when Ona stops posting, huh. agoldenpoem: o.o agoldenpoem: he did? agoldenpoem: what do you know? M0dest Me: lol, well, he came back with a girl's name! M0dest Me: c'mon agoldenpoem: has he told you things? M0dest Me: lol, no agoldenpoem: ohhhh M0dest Me: why, is that a fantasy of yours? agoldenpoem: kemp does that all the time! M0dest Me: (oh no he di'in't!) M0dest Me: lol M0dest Me: does what? agoldenpoem: comes back with a girls name M0dest Me: leaves and comes back gayer than eveR? M0dest Me: oh, ok. M0dest Me: Who would you like to see leave the board of their own free will? agoldenpoem: hmmm . . . i think josh would like to agoldenpoem: and if he would like to then he should M0dest Me: ok M0dest Me: fair enough agoldenpoem: but i dont want him go agoldenpoem: *to M0dest Me: How did you celebrate the day you became a mod? agoldenpoem: i didn't celebrate M0dest Me: oh M0dest Me: what's the funniest thing you've said or seen on MT? M0dest Me: (that's sad, by the way, I would've got champagne) agoldenpoem: said: um probably, 'is this a suicide thread?' agoldenpoem: seen? man, there have been so many M0dest Me: lol M0dest Me: what thread was that? (is this a suicide thread) agoldenpoem: haha, it was a thread in s&r M0dest Me: about? agoldenpoem: and it was GROSS! agoldenpoem: it was about farting in bed and putting your head under the blankets M0dest Me: what was it about?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!1111111!!!!111 M0dest Me: lol, oh god M0dest Me: that is horrible agoldenpoem: hahah M0dest Me: so...why aren't the MT women funny? agoldenpoem: it was very bizarre agoldenpoem: um we are M0dest Me: suuuuuuuuuure agoldenpoem: but guys don't like women's humor M0dest Me: I s'pose agoldenpoem: i think women tend to be a little shy about being funny in front of guys M0dest Me: if you weren't married, who would you like to propose to you from the men of MT? agoldenpoem: haha agoldenpoem: oh, no comment man M0dest Me: true, because we're so much better at it, it's like jamming with Hendrix M0dest Me: ok, fair enough agoldenpoem: ohhh I SEE M0dest Me: lol M0dest Me: ok, enough sexism agoldenpoem: ok M0dest Me: do you think MT ever gets too racist? agoldenpoem: yeah, i do M0dest Me: me too agoldenpoem: but i think people there think they aren't being racist M0dest Me: if you could create a new forum, if you had to, what would it be? M0dest Me: I know, it's a bad cycle agoldenpoem: they think its part of the humor or something M0dest Me: I know, some lesser MTers i nkow use the phrase 'nigger faggot' excessively in chats, it's very sad and angering agoldenpoem: but if i was black or muslim or whatever, i'd be shocked and i don't think i'd feel very comfortable there when some people get going with it agoldenpoem: in chats? M0dest Me: yeah agoldenpoem: whats the poing? M0dest Me: the poing? agoldenpoem: *point M0dest Me: point agoldenpoem: hahah M0dest Me: I don't know M0dest Me: you enver answered my forum question agoldenpoem: um agoldenpoem: forum question? agoldenpoem: what? M0dest Me: M0dest Me: if you could create a new forum, if you had to, what would it be? agoldenpoem: ohhh agoldenpoem: man, i dunno M0dest Me: c'maawwn.
  5. so what? I'll admit I'm a fanboy. Hell, I used to have a collage of Thom Yorke on my binder in highschool. I'm surprised more people didn't speculate (falsely) that I was gay. And how do you know my first name?
  6. Fuck this guy. Thom sings just as much on this album as any other. Your eyes....they tuuuuuurrrn to me.
  7. yessssssssssssssssssssssssss. Carl, you too.
  8. M0dest Me: ok, should I break the rules or keep them? PartyCheetos: break em i dont care M0dest Me: ok, finish this sentence M0dest Me: Cindy cindy bo bindy bananafana fo findy me my mo PartyCheetos: Mind PartyCheetos: mindy* PartyCheetos: fuck PartyCheetos: where is this going? M0dest Me: lol M0dest Me: that's it M0dest Me: cindy told me not to mention her anymore PartyCheetos: haha PartyCheetos: why is that M0dest Me: because she whined about penny and everyone getting mentioned and not her and I was all, 'I got yer back dog' and then for the next seven interviews I blatantly mentioned her and then she told me to cool it because it was embarrassing her and now the devil, mr. cheetos himself, tempted me to do this M0dest Me: for shame PartyCheetos: I'm not satan fuck you dimsdale! PartyCheetos: isn't that the name of that douchebag from The Crucible? M0dest Me: haha, I don't know M0dest Me: are you a drama student? PartyCheetos: was. M0dest Me: what was your biggest role? PartyCheetos: haha PartyCheetos: well i didn't do plays, just speech team and some small acting classes. PartyCheetos: i was George Harrison in our 5th grade play, does that count? M0dest Me: that's pretty cool M0dest Me: is Cheetos musical? M0dest Me: (bathroom, right back) M0dest Me: (in the meantime, ask yourself questions) PartyCheetos: haha, i am sort of musical, i think. I am forming up a band with a few buddies. I play bass, exciting! M0dest Me: so sorry for that M0dest Me: you never asked yourself any questions : / PartyCheetos: I realized i could never live up to your skills :-( M0dest Me: lol M0dest Me: fair enough M0dest Me: have you ever made out with an animal? PartyCheetos: nah :-( M0dest Me: oh M0dest Me: try it sometime PartyCheetos: ...... PartyCheetos: Kafka. PartyCheetos: *sigh* PartyCheetos: nevermind. M0dest Me: .... M0dest Me: Cheetos. PartyCheetos: ? M0dest Me: *cough* M0dest Me: anyway PartyCheetos: haha PartyCheetos: am i the most boring interview you've had? M0dest Me: do you ever sit on the floor of your room indian style and just yell out, 'YOU AINT GOT NO PANCAKE BATTER!' M0dest Me: I think this is my worst effort to date M0dest Me: but oh well PartyCheetos: meh PartyCheetos: i dont say that PartyCheetos: but i do yell things at random PartyCheetos: just for fun M0dest Me: oh yeah? give us a sample PartyCheetos: "SHARLENA? AW SHIT!" PartyCheetos: thats all really, sometime "AW TITS!" M0dest Me: lol M0dest Me: what do you think people wouldn't get to know about you from MT until they met you in person? PartyCheetos: i think just my general tone, like how i talk. I think people dont get my humor, cause i lie, and thats why i'm funny sometime. you have to hear how i talk, cause it makes it obvious i am lying/being sarcastic M0dest Me: if someone were to play you in a film, who it would be? PartyCheetos: lets say PartyCheetos: well PartyCheetos: hmm PartyCheetos: i would want Sean Connery, cause he is badasssss M0dest Me: so true PartyCheetos: but, Paul Dano PartyCheetos: i think. M0dest Me: what's the hardest physical feat you think you could accomplish? PartyCheetos: climbing a mountain, probably M0dest Me: would you climb the mountains of Liz's bra'd breasts? PartyCheetos: haha PartyCheetos: sure M0dest Me: good answer PartyCheetos: hahaha PartyCheetos: i know man M0dest Me: if you had to propose to any lady on MT, who would you propose to and how would you do it? M0dest Me: (please, don't actually propose using this interview) PartyCheetos: ... PartyCheetos: shit PartyCheetos: who would i propose to. PartyCheetos: fuck, can we go back to this one? PartyCheetos: i will ponder it M0dest Me: ok M0dest Me: we'll go back to it PartyCheetos: alright M0dest Me: do you still have your V card? PartyCheetos: :-( M0dest Me: moving on PartyCheetos: haha M0dest Me: lol M0dest Me: what's the coolest thing about you that people don't know? PartyCheetos: haha, in all blatant honesty, there is nothing cool about me. i guess the most bland way i can put it is that i am totally willing to do stupid shit, just the lulz. I ran in like 10 degree weather without a shirt on, and let 5 guys shoot me with airsoft guns, i got arrested during the school day once, and i dont know, i do dumb stuff, just for lulz PartyCheetos: i dont know if thats cool, or if it makes me a tool PartyCheetos: and i would totally propose to JMaureen, while we were tripping on some cactus. M0dest Me: PARTYCHEETOS: OUT OF CONTROL AND OUT OF HIS MIND is this the name of your first film? PartyCheetos: Yeah! M0dest Me: wonderful M0dest Me: STARRING SEAN CONNERY AS JON CHEETOS PartyCheetos: yeah man PartyCheetos: SEAN CONNERY M0dest Me: I thnk we'll make money here PartyCheetos: you wanna direct it M0dest Me: sure thing, bro M0dest Me: what annoys you? PartyCheetos: Wisconsin M0dest Me: fuck those guys!!! PartyCheetos: the state in general, just like, really irritates me PartyCheetos: YEAH MAN PartyCheetos: FUCK 'EM PartyCheetos: THEY DONT GOT SHIT M0dest Me: PRICKS! PartyCheetos: YEAH PartyCheetos: ASSHOLES M0dest Me: GET YOUR SHITTY ASS CHEESE MILLS OUT OF MY FACE, WISINCONSIDERATE! PartyCheetos: exactly, i go there once a month, to visit relatives :-( M0dest Me: and it sucks, right? PartyCheetos: totally PartyCheetos: unless i hang out with this girl PartyCheetos: then its cool M0dest Me: oh, yeah, a beautiful girl can turn your whole world upside down PartyCheetos: totally PartyCheetos: even if they live in WI M0dest Me: yeah M0dest Me: what's the last job on the face of the earth that you'd want? PartyCheetos: ha, probably.... PartyCheetos: plastic surgeon PartyCheetos: yeah, you see tits and stuff PartyCheetos: but if you're not good at it, you would fuck everyone up and get law suits. too much pressure, you know? M0dest Me: yeah, understandable M0dest Me: if you saw Callum, what would you give: a sandwich, or a punch in the face? PartyCheetos: sandwhich PartyCheetos: then a serving of fruit PUNCH M0dest Me: he is skinny, isn't he? M0dest Me: lol PartyCheetos: if you get what i mean. PartyCheetos: POW M0dest Me: oh, I do PartyCheetos: RIGHT IN THE KISSER M0dest Me: KABAM! PartyCheetos: yeah! M0dest Me: uh... M0dest Me: um.... M0dest Me: uuuuhh M0dest Me: ummmmmmm M0dest Me: how 'bout them yankees? PartyCheetos: fuck the yankess go cubs M0dest Me: of course M0dest Me: ok, let's dive into some weird questions PartyCheetos: go for it M0dest Me: would you be willing to eat a pigeon salad sandwich or $100? PartyCheetos: no way man PartyCheetos: fuck hillary clinton PartyCheetos: i get annoyed by her man. PartyCheetos: sorry PartyCheetos: keep goin M0dest Me: if you were two inches tall, where would you rather? inside a toaster, inside a paint mixer? M0dest Me: have you taken your pills, young man? PartyCheetos: no :-( :-( :-( PartyCheetos: inside a paint mixer i think PartyCheetos: yeah PartyCheetos: toaster would be risky. M0dest Me: yeah M0dest Me: if you had to pick an MT hero, who would it be? PartyCheetos: you <3 PartyCheetos: hahaha PartyCheetos: who would be my hero M0dest Me: aw shucks, yr jus sayin' that PartyCheetos: yeah i am. PartyCheetos: haha PartyCheetos: well M0dest Me: right, right M0dest Me: so, real answer PartyCheetos: ehh, its a toss up PartyCheetos: 3 way PartyCheetos: Rael PartyCheetos: wait PartyCheetos: 5 way PartyCheetos: Holle PartyCheetos: You PartyCheetos: Carl PartyCheetos: Rael PartyCheetos: Janel M0dest Me: man, that sounds like one bangin' party PartyCheetos: yeah dude M0dest Me: as long as I can bring Just/Paranoid PartyCheetos: haha PartyCheetos: of course M0dest Me: cool M0dest Me: so, Carl...crazy or the new messiah? M0dest Me: or both? PartyCheetos: crazy messiah PartyCheetos: haha M0dest Me: obv PartyCheetos: i like carl M0dest Me: go on PartyCheetos: i think he is a bit extreme at times though, the whole thing about emo kids leading to our economic downfall or whatever was sort of just iffy PartyCheetos: by iffy i mean wrong. M0dest Me: yeah M0dest Me: same thing with that girl who went missing M0dest Me: ok, I'm sorry Jon, but I'm winding down M0dest Me: so, any questions for me before I answer your final question? M0dest Me: fuck, I mean, ask your final question PartyCheetos: why do we press harder on a remote control when we know the batteries are dead? M0dest Me: because we're lazy M0dest Me: and doomed M0dest Me: ok, final question M0dest Me: If you were a bag of PartyCheetos PartyCheetos: is it sort ofl ike a false hope thing do you think? PartyCheetos: sorry continue M0dest Me: and you had to give someone from MT the honor of eating you, who would you give that honor to and why? PartyCheetos: Rael because he wants to have sex with me M0dest Me: perfect! M0dest Me: aaand we're out.
  9. M0dest Me: you can't hide from me forever, Jon Cheetos PartyCheetos: ITS KAFKA M0dest Me: you know what else it is? M0dest Me: ITS AWWWWN! PartyCheetos: interview tiem PartyCheetos: NICE PartyCheetos: THATS WHAT I LIKE TO HEAR M0dest Me: boo yeah! PartyCheetos: FUCK YES M0dest Me: ok, Jon Christopher Cheetos. PartyCheetos: ok wait PartyCheetos: how did you know that was my name PartyCheetos: Jon Christopher M0dest Me: If the name Jon Cheetos has to be on a uniform, what type of uniform would it be? M0dest Me: you posted it everywhere PartyCheetos: did I? M0dest Me: or on a chat, I don't know M0dest Me: I can edit it out if you so desire PartyCheetos: I think i did, yeah, Rael mentioned it PartyCheetos: no no, its okay. M0dest Me: ok PartyCheetos: THIS IS UNCENSORED RAW MATERIAL M0dest Me: because I actually wouldn't edit it M0dest Me: lol PartyCheetos: haha you're a bitch M0dest Me: HOT QUESTIONS, SULTRY ANSWERS PartyCheetos: rephrase your question, i'm eating a pizza. the uniform one M0dest Me: rephrase it? What the fuck do you think I am? Some two-bit reporter? I AM THE GODDAMN INTERVIEW, BITCH! M0dest Me: answer it PartyCheetos: man PartyCheetos: it would be on a police officer uniform, i think, if thats what your asking. M0dest Me: yeah, I thought so too PartyCheetos: actually PartyCheetos: yeah, police officer, i think. M0dest Me: reminds me of that Schwarzenneggar movie M0dest Me: so, what did you and God talk about when He gave you the idea for your MT name? PartyCheetos: well, we were talking about The Simpsons actually. PartyCheetos: We discussed that episode where Moe becomes a sellout and opens a really like hip bar for the youngsters, so homer opens his own. he gets REM to play, cause he tells them they are playing a charity gig. PartyCheetos: "Its The End Of The World As We Know It" comes on, and Homer fucks up the lyrics and says "Birthday cake, party cheetos, something something stupid flanders, i'm talking about you!" PartyCheetos: and since then, its been history M0dest Me: which leads me straight to my next question: what's the hardest drug you've ever done? PartyCheetos: haha, well this is kind of lame, but PartyCheetos doesn't do drugs. PartyCheetos: i have friends who do a ton of shit, but i just never do, because they get acne plauged faces, and have annoying laughs, i don't wanna do that man. PartyCheetos: but if someone cool was like "hey lets do coke cheetos", i'd probably do it M0dest Me: really, wow PartyCheetos: yeah, surprising eh? M0dest Me: yeah, some stoners have horrible laughter PartyCheetos: its annoying, for sure M0dest Me: tells us about Cheetos' happiest memory PartyCheetos: oh lord, i don't know even. there are concerts and shit that are happiest memories, but i think my greatest happiest one ever was like, painting a garage in 5th grade. PartyCheetos: scratch that PartyCheetos: getting my dog, Tucker M0dest Me: my friend's ex has a dog named Tucker that loves to hump people. I think it's funny his name is one letter off from Fucker. PartyCheetos: its the most recent happiest thing. I don't know, it was funny, because before Tucker, we had a dog named Luke who died from some Kidney thing, so the breeders let us have Tucker at discounted price. Tucker puked a ton on the car ride home, he was just a puppy, so it was cute in a disgusting way. M0dest Me: awwww M0dest Me: ewwwww PartyCheetos: and yeah, i kinda think Tucker is a shit name sometimes, cause i say it and people go "HAHA DO YOU SAY FUCKER WHEN YOU"RE PISSED AT HIM" M0dest Me: lol M0dest Me: now that's annoying M0dest Me: way to make my joke look bad, jeez PartyCheetos: YEP. M0dest Me: what's your favorite MT Kafka moment? PartyCheetos: oh fuck PartyCheetos: thats tough. PartyCheetos: any time you post something involving your beard PartyCheetos: i love that thing M0dest Me: lol PartyCheetos: also M0dest Me: awesome PartyCheetos: the whole picture thread PartyCheetos: the drawing one M0dest Me: yeah, I should really get back on that again PartyCheetos: that picture of the Cheetos is fucking gold, it was my favorite, i know its cliche to sy PartyCheetos: say* PartyCheetos: yeah man, you should, those were all amazing M0dest Me: it is, but that's fine M0dest Me: you know Fevered took that chris walken picture and finally made it an avatar? yeah PartyCheetos: hahaha M0dest Me: ok, what's your proudest thread and why? PartyCheetos: all my threads are pretty awful, and thats not just self loathing. They are mostly just me posting dumb shit. There was a thread i made a while back, that was just a "rave" thread, where i posted pictures of people at raves, and then Royal Orleans joined in, and a ton of people started posting shit on raves, it was magical. PartyCheetos: That or the Strawberry Shortcake thread, my first one ever M0dest Me: woah, tell us about the Strawberry Shortcake thread, is it about what I think it's about? PartyCheetos: it was my first post also, yeah, welcome to MT cheetos! basically, its about an obscure sexual manuever, where you punch your girlfriend in the nose in the midst of sex, then jerk off under her nose, mixing the blood and cum together, to make a pink fluid, hence "strawberry shortcake" M0dest Me: that's what I was thinking about. M0dest Me: which is why I don't have a girlfriend. M0dest Me: speaking of which, has Cheetos ever been in love? How was it? PartyCheetos: haha PartyCheetos: oh boy. PartyCheetos: ummm...my first relationship that was serious was a disaster. This chick who lived a state away, basically had a massive crush on me, and wanted to date me, so i said no a bunch of times, and eventually we started getting closer and closer and eventually she dropped the "I love you" bomb, and meant it, of course i reply with it also. So we are hanging out every other weekend or something, and the day after we kiss for the first time, she drops the bomb and goes "i dont love you anymore" PartyCheetos: i don't think i am good at kissing Kafka. M0dest Me: daaaaaaamn PartyCheetos: thats a lie, i'm good at it, I think, but moral of the story is any girl under 5'0" will just fuck you over, remember that Kafka. M0dest Me: well, if it makes you feel any better I've been cheated on three times and my first gf did this weird thing where'd she'd suck air from my lungs when we'd be kissing M0dest Me: I thought my mouth was broken because every now then she's suck, this weird noise would happen and it was awkward PartyCheetos: thats creepy man M0dest Me: I've dated 5'0, and I'm not talking cops PartyCheetos: haha PartyCheetos: you're a genius M0dest Me: thank you PartyCheetos: 4'10". BAM. M0dest Me: *shakes head* M0dest Me: that's where you went wrong PartyCheetos: thats how tall she was, i think? very weird. i am tall as hell, well not really, 6'1" or so. M0dest Me: my high school sweetheart was 95 pounds, whenever I bunch just the bar at the gym, I call it doing 'Maya's M0dest Me: shit, phone M0dest Me: brb M0dest Me: and I got to make my mom dinner M0dest Me: hatus M0dest Me: haitus PartyCheetos: haha okay M0dest Me: aaaaaaand we're back PartyCheetos: NICE M0dest Me: if you had to get one ridiculous haircut, what style would you get? PartyCheetos: mohawk of course PartyCheetos: but an obnoxious one M0dest Me: awesome, awesome PartyCheetos: yeah M0dest Me: have you ever named your member/ M0dest Me: ? PartyCheetos: my dick? Tycho. M0dest Me: hahaha M0dest Me: mine's redwood PartyCheetos: haha PartyCheetos: nice M0dest Me: I told that to a friend, and then he called his oak tree. M0dest Me: I said, 'YOURE DOING IT WRONG!' PartyCheetos: hahah PartyCheetos: yeah, your friend FUCKED IT UP. M0dest Me: totally M0dest Me: ever been drunk? PartyCheetos: not shitfaced PartyCheetos: but a bit tipsy mutliple times PartyCheetos: i'm never in weird situations though, like, its all really controlled. M0dest Me: mm, so in other words you've never been in someone else's cabin at Tahoe with your friend's mom trying to lure you into a darkened room for sex while drunk M0dest Me: yeah M0dest Me: ok, next question M0dest Me: have you ever been at someone else's cabin in Taheo with your best friend's mom trying to lure you into a darkened room for sex while drunk? PartyCheetos: Not lately, no. M0dest Me: yeah, me neither. M0dest Me: Ever had sex on coke???? PartyCheetos: twice M0dest Me: nice
  11. not after I interview everyone in line. it'll be some time, dolly.
  12. Zach says: alright, thomas, you ready? pretty patterns says: YES! pretty patterns says: hit me Zach says: that's what I like to hear! Zach says: ok, at what age did you sell your soul to the devil for your musicianship? Zach says: and did it hurt? pretty patterns says: well ummm... i started playing the saxophone when i was about 9/10ish, and yes, it still does pretty patterns says: i started producing my own stuff at 16 Zach says: so you probably sold your emotions to a demon for the saxophone and then went straight to mephistopholes around 16, is that not right? pretty patterns says: yeah, something like that, it's not quite as glamourous as, i dunno, killing/fucking a nun or something, but i'm pretty proud of it Zach says: lol Zach says: woah, ok Zach says: thinking of touring soon? pretty patterns says: kind of pretty patterns says: i mean, i think a world tour, i can't afford the plane tickets, but i might do a couple of acoustic gigs around my uni or something pretty patterns says: that'd be cool, i'm writing more songy type songs these days Zach says: cool, cool Zach says: who would you say is your biggest fan? pretty patterns says: not sure if it counts as a tour though, if you don't leave the same place Zach says: aside from Jesus pretty patterns says: HMMMMMMMM pretty patterns says: i dunno pretty patterns says: me, probably Zach says: lol Zach says: awesome Zach says: yeah Zach says: i have a running gag with a friend of mine that goes: 'so, what's your favorite band?' 'Oh, Liquid Lunch. They're pretty good. In fact, they're me.' Zach says: har har pretty patterns says: haha you know, i read you say that on mt when i snuck in there undetected the other day Zach says: lol Zach says: what thread? Zach says: or were we chatting? pretty patterns says: i dunno, your one i think? pretty patterns says: maybe we were pretty patterns says: fuck knows Zach says: yeah Zach says: so many drugs, so many people, so many words Zach says: should be an album title pretty patterns says: EXACTLY pretty patterns says: yeah pretty patterns says: i might steal it Zach says: ok, aside from music and sexual prowess, what's your second biggest talent? Zach says: (don't you dare, don't you dare, don't you flan in the face) pretty patterns says: recently i've gotten into writing shit, i've been doing this sitcom pilot with my mate, and he was supposed to be writing and i was gonna direct it, but he couldn't end it, so i wrote the end and i was really pleased with it, and he said it made him feel he had to redo his bit to keep the standard up Zach says: nice, nice Zach says: alright, I've been sucking your cock verbally for quite some time, have you come yet? pretty patterns says: yeah, between the words 'been' and 'doing' in my last message Zach says: lol Zach says: what was the harshest rejection you've ever faced? pretty patterns says: haha i dunno, there's been a couple, i felt pretty bummed a while back when i was talking to this girl on my course, and we were in a group or something, and she was talking about why boys always feel the need to protect girls they're friends with, and how it's just because no matter how good friends they are, they're still a potential fuck or something, and then she goes 'like, i would never have sex with you, but you're still, you know...', and i was all oh Zach says: man, you've been writing that response for a while, wiping away tears? pretty patterns says: yeah Zach says: man, that does suck Zach says: that's harsh pretty patterns says: yeah, i don't think she really realised what she was saying, but it was kind of a kick in the teeth Zach says: I bet Zach says: so, that Cindy....she's pretty cool, eh? pretty patterns says: yeah, i like her a lot, she sometimes doesn't 'get' where i'm coming from or something, but generally, she's good stuff Zach says: yeah, it's hard sometimes to understand where you're coming from pretty patterns says: i'm from england Zach says: but then again it must be like einstein with you, everyone around you seems like talentless dumbshits, huh? pretty patterns says: if einstein had all these great ideas but couldn't be arsed to do the reading, yeah Zach says: now I don't get where you're coming from, but ok Zach says: think you have any babies out there you don't know about? pretty patterns says: i doubt it, but you never know, it only takes one stray drip, you know Zach says: right Zach says: even if you pull out, there's always precum pretty patterns says: yeah exactly Zach says: 's what my momma always told me pretty patterns says: well you can see it pretty patterns says: not when it's inside Zach says: what was your best drup experience? pretty patterns says: but you know, wanking and shit Zach says: right pretty patterns says: i've never been majorly into non-cannabis drugs, but i remember once i tried salvia and it sent me into a fit of laughter, and i couldn't walk, and like, an hour seemed like about 10 minutes pretty patterns says: that's about as crazy as it got Zach says: yeah, I've seen a bunch of those salvia youtube videos, people get tweeeaaaked out on that shit Zach says: laughing and crying and shit pretty patterns says: haha yeah but they're all fucktards pretty patterns says: i swear they're making it up pretty patterns says: but who knows? Zach says: ever tried totally awesome sweet alabama liquid snake? pretty patterns says: i have not, it sounds like, i dunno, a penis or something Zach says: lol Zach says: it sure does Zach says: show us a portrait of what an unsuccessful thomasj would look like, what's your dead end? pretty patterns says: one of two outcomes really pretty patterns says: the first being down and out loser who had big plans but never put them into practice, died in his mum's cellar at the age of 52 with a major alcohol problem Zach says: oh god pretty patterns says: the second being some big tycoon businessman who will quite happily kill people to be able to sell his product at a competitive price, complaining about all the immigrants coming in and fucking things up pretty patterns says: but that's less likely pretty patterns says: i'd actually need to do stuff for that Zach says: right Zach says: sometimes that's hard Zach says: especially if you smoke a lot of pot Zach says: what's the best advice anyone's ever given you? pretty patterns says: yeah, i don't smoke a lot though Zach says: neither do i pretty patterns says: umm pretty patterns says: i dunno actually pretty patterns says: i think someone told me to chill out after a nervous breakdown i had a couple of years ago, and that i should go to councelling or something, and that turned out to be a really good idea Zach says: that's a good one Zach says: do you ever feel like a celebrity when you're on MT? pretty patterns says: i feel like how britney spears did when that photographer captured her snatch Zach says: LOL pretty patterns says: it's part of why i 'left' Zach says: what private moment did we capture of ThomasJ? pretty patterns says: it sounds arrogant, but i sometimes feel like i'm playing up to people Zach says: hmm pretty patterns says: haha i guess you didn't Zach says: we didn't capture your snatch? damn pretty patterns says: yeah, you wish Zach says: so why did you leave? pretty patterns says: i dunno, i was spending too much time there, time complaining about things and getting angry with people and, i dunno, i feel like i'm in a weird part of my life where i'm gonna stop learning and start doing and it freaks me out, and i think to myself 'do i wanna be a forum zombie for the rest of my life?' Zach says: right Zach says: I wanna be a forum survivor myself Zach says: oh! i almost forgot, i need another Cindy reference. Zach says: If Cindy had to be a relative, including wife, what would she be to you? pretty patterns says: auntie Zach says: good answer Zach says: alright, Thomas, I think we're winding down here pretty patterns says: aww Zach says: any questions for me before I give you your last question? pretty patterns says: not really, but i've always been jealous of the name 'kafkadoodle', that was a good one Zach says: thank you, I stole it from a comedian, Emo Philips pretty patterns says: his name's actually emo? Zach says: yeah, haha Zach says: whatta funny name, eh? pretty patterns says: yeah, what a gaylord pretty patterns says: Zach says: lol Zach says: ok, final question pretty patterns says: excitement, she wrote! Zach says: HOW COULD YOU HAVE DONE THIS TO US, THOMAS! HOW COULD YOU LEAVE!? AFTER ALL WE'VE GIVEN YOU! YOUR PRIDE! YOUR ZEST! POSTER OF THE YEAR?!! AND THIS IS HOW YOU REPAY US???? I DON'T KNOW WHERE YOU'RE FROM, BUT YOUR STOCK IS OF THE DEVIL! Zach says: YOU ARE A BAD MAN! pretty patterns says: hahahahaha pretty patterns says: didn't i just answer that? Zach says: HOW COULD YOU!? Zach says: HOW?! pretty patterns says: anyway, i was gonna leave before the poty thing, but you kept voting me through the rounds, damnit! pretty patterns says: well, i haven't really left pretty patterns says: i'm just undercover pretty patterns says: and i don't post Zach says: don't go breaking my heart, now, my achey breaky heart pretty patterns says: so i benefit and you don't pretty patterns says: isn't that two different songs? Zach says: maybe Zach says: alright, I think we're done here pretty patterns says: aww okay Zach says: thanks for being on the interview with us, it's been a real pleasure pretty patterns says: thanks, i'd hug you if i weren't so macho Zach says: of course
  13. chrisflew says: how you fixed for the interview? Zach says: lol does that make sense? chrisflew says: in my head it does chrisflew says: but that's not saying a lot Zach says: ok Zach says: so how fucked out are you right now? chrisflew says: not very chrisflew says: three beers Zach says: that's not much chrisflew says: if that's what you mean by fucked out Zach says: one time I called my dad for a ride home when I was drunk at a party Zach says: he asked me how much I had had to drink, I said six beers Zach says: he said, 'You pussy! Pick up your mother on your way home.' Zach says: it was a bad night. chrisflew says: i bet chrisflew says: one of my first drinks was when i was 14 Zach says: yeah? chrisflew says: on holiday in mallorca i think Zach says: cool chrisflew says: i thought it was legal to drink at 14 there Zach says: so where do you live? do you go to college? are you single? have you ever been possessed by a demon? chrisflew says: but it turned out it was 16 chrisflew says: so the barman knocked me back for being honest chrisflew says: i live in glasgow, scotland chrisflew says: i went to uni for about three months Zach says: nice! chrisflew says: but dropped out to pursue a career in music chrisflew says: which i'm still doing Zach says: cool, cool chrisflew says: and no Zach says: still with that girlfriend? Zach says: she's hot chrisflew says: i don't think i've been posessed by a demon chrisflew says: but i have a feeling i may have sold my sould to the devil when i was younger chrisflew says: yeh chrisflew says: still with her chrisflew says: we're engaged Zach says: do edinbourghians ever give you shit for being a wedgie? Zach says: good, good chrisflew says: ehm chrisflew says: i don't talk to many Zach says: nah? chrisflew says: a lot of people who live in edinburgh aren't from there chrisflew says: a lot are from england Zach says: ever been to the fit of the walk on leith? chrisflew says: how did you know the term weegie? chrisflew says: nope chrisflew says: i mostly stay west coast Zach says: I read a lot of welsh Zach says: well, not a lot chrisflew says: find the east a bit unfriendly chrisflew says: ah Zach says: but some chrisflew says: good choice of novelist Zach says: so, how's your mum? chrisflew says: she's well chrisflew says: tho' overdid it a bit much chrisflew says: at christmas Zach says: who's the best MT musician you've come across? chrisflew says: honestly chrisflew says: i haven't listened to any of them properly Zach says: for shame! chrisflew says: tho elijah pm'd me some stuff of his old band chrisflew says: i know chrisflew says: laziness, mostly Zach says: oh yeah, I still have to listen to that chrisflew says: you take an interest in the mt music scene? Zach says: yeah chrisflew says: who do you recommend? Zach says: it's nice to listen to others so they'll listen to you when your album releases chrisflew says: true Zach says: I love ThomasJ, L'Antennaheadz chrisflew says: i will get round to it Zach says: that's my biggest recommendation chrisflew says: but i'm still finding my feet a bit chrisflew says: if you could put it that way Zach says: so, this is turning out to be my most civil interview Zach says: hmm chrisflew says: he'll be first on my list then Zach says: how could I shake this up... chrisflew says: you think? chrisflew says: is that a good or bad thing? chrisflew says: bad, i take it Zach says: alright, if I had to kill you, would you prefer a quick gun shot to the head, or me forcing you to take line after line of coke and then pour an energy drink down your throat until your heart bursts? chrisflew says: haha chrisflew says: definitely the second option Zach says: because it's fun, right? chrisflew says: i have only had one experience with coke Zach says: how was it? chrisflew says: and found it a bit over rated Zach says: yeah, I was a little disappointed my first time chrisflew says: maybe it's cause i'd been drinking chrisflew says: maybe it's because i didn't have a lot Zach says: I'd been smoking Zach says: yeah Zach says: tons of reasons why Zach says: but man, your heart bursting? chrisflew says: i found about 2-400 quids worth in a note just before christmas tho Zach says: that's gotta be an experience Zach says: because you wouldn't die immediately chrisflew says: but was in a shop and someone thought it was mine chrisflew says: so i passed on it Zach says: you'd have to like, feel the absence of a heart, no blood pumping chrisflew says: gotta be better than drowning chrisflew says: which is my worst fear Zach says: i guess chrisflew says: that thought that at one point, you have to decide to breathe in Zach says: you and callum share that in common Zach says: what's the gayest thing you've ever done, speaking strictly in sexual terms? chrisflew says: ehm chrisflew says: probably kissed a mate of mine chrisflew says: in a club about two years ago chrisflew says: as a total piss take Zach says: ok, respectable Zach says: (back to MT musicians, I gotta plug Gotosleep's Zouk Pouk, been listening to it for over an hour) Zach says: if you had to leave your girlfriend for someone on MT, who would you pick, aside from Cindy? chrisflew says: (i hope he's paying you for that) chrisflew says: haha Zach says: (he is not) chrisflew says: you speak to kemp a lot then? chrisflew says: liz Zach says: lol, what's kemp got to do with it? chrisflew says: 'cause she's the only one i can remember seeing a photo of chrisflew says: courtesy of rapefish Zach says: (they should remix that song, what's love got to do with it, and sing, 'what's kemp got to do with it') chrisflew says: (think it would be a hit?) chrisflew says: kemp made some comment in a thread that i fancied cindy Zach says: What is kemp? baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more, what is kemp? Zach says: oooooooh Zach says: I was just obligatorily dropping her name Zach says: she has me by the balls on this stuff, every interview has to have her name at least twice or I'm perma banned chrisflew says: i saw that Zach says: so, second name drop, what's your favorite thing about Cinders? chrisflew says: she wasn't serious tho chrisflew says: maybe she just fancies you Zach says: you didn't see the pictures she posted of my house. she knows where I live Zach says: maybe chrisflew says: her power Zach says: but divorce takes a while in this day and age Zach says: her power is sexy to you? Zach says: I see chrisflew says: and omnipotence chrisflew says: (sp?) Zach says: that's right chrisflew says: she's like an all seeing mt god chrisflew says: no chrisflew says: it's interesting chrisflew says: i'm not sure if the mod's job is worth it Zach says: she is like an all seeing mt god Zach says: if cindy were god, would she send us christ? chrisflew says: i don't think so chrisflew says: who do you think would be her christ? Zach says: yeah, neither do I Zach says: I just get that feeling Zach says: hmmm Zach says: I don't know. Zach says: who would? chrisflew says: she strikes me as someone who has favourites Zach says: she'd only save a few of us, then? chrisflew says: aye chrisflew says: cannae see me being one either chrisflew says: what's your favourite welsh book? Zach says: gotta go with Porno, surprisingly Zach says: read it twice chrisflew says: haven't read it Zach says: kinda stuck with me Zach says: read it, it's good chrisflew says: cool chrisflew says: i'm reading coupland's new one just now Zach says: dunnae ken 'em chrisflew says: generation x Zach says: whae's 'e written? chrisflew says: is the most famous one Zach says: ah Zach says: brb phone chrisflew says: k Zach says: back chrisflew says: that was quick Zach says: alright, chrisflew, let's wrap this up Zach says: any questions for me before your final question? chrisflew says: ehm chrisflew says: who's been your best interview so far and why? Zach says: hmmmmmm Zach says: goooood question Zach says: lemme check the thread Zach says: they've all been good, even rael Zach says: gotta go with bunniesl ast night Zach says: that was pretty fun Zach says: I was in this great irritable mood and took it out on him Zach says: have you read it? chrisflew says: you thought you might have been hard on him tho chrisflew says: yeh chrisflew says: read it after you said that Zach says: was I too hard on him? chrisflew says: i didn't see it as too harsh Zach says: good Zach says: I was joking, of course chrisflew says: without naming names Zach says: bunnies rocks Zach says: literally Zach says: yeah? chrisflew says: have you interviewed someone you don't like? Zach says: hmmm Zach says: no Zach says: no enemies interviewed yet chrisflew says: you should try that Zach says: callum's not an enemy, fo sho Zach says: I should chrisflew says: would probably make for a good read Zach says: yeah Zach says: awkward, too Zach says: ok, last question chrisflew says: yup chrisflew says: go Zach says: Chrisflew........where? chrisflew says: home chrisflew says: wherever that is Zach says: lol Zach says: ok, fair enough! Zach says: thanks for your time and your enlightening words Zach says: it was a truly a pleasure, mr. flew chrisflew says: thank for yours chrisflew says: grateful chrisflew says: have a good evening Zach says: thanks
  14. Gentlemen, you can't fight in here! This is the interview room!
  15. I totally didn't even realize that. haha.
  16. hasbroooo says: i didnt want it to come off as a joke or something Zach says: right hasbroooo says: aww what was yr inner child's name? Zach says: for these next three questions, answer only in strict haiku form Zach says: Davey hasbroooo says: oh shit! hasbroooo says: davey? hasbroooo says: aww poor davey hasbroooo says: anyway what is haiku aghain i forgot Zach says: 5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables hasbroooo says: got it Zach says: now, if rael were to drop his pants in front of you, holding out a condom, how would you respond? hasbroooo says: why all the sex words? hasbroooo says: must we always talk in cum? hasbroooo says: the world more than fuck Zach says: brb hasbroooo says: k Zach says: good reply hasbroooo says: i passed? Zach says: Cindy has just given you her mod throne, what is your speech? Zach says: yes hasbroooo says: to all you board smiths hasbroooo says: i ban you all for good will hasbroooo says: go outside and live free Zach says: brilliant Zach says: last one Zach says: give us a haiku on your secretive nature hasbroooo says: ooo hasbroooo says: this should be fun hasbroooo says: umm here it is hasbroooo says: im more as a lie hasbroooo says: than i could be in the flesh hasbroooo says: im just passing time Zach says: kinda lame, but ok hasbroooo says: haha eeemo Zach says: how many times has hasbro been in love and what is hasbro like in love? hasbroooo says: man who knows.... Zach says: we need more of a concrete answer here hasbroooo says: i dont know if i could find one hasbroooo says: yeah i don't know : ( Zach says: ok Zach says: so you live a sad, lonely life hasbroooo says: yeah Zach says: are you on pills? hasbroooo says: nope hasbroooo says: i should be lol hasbroooo says: but prob wouldnt do anything Zach says: mine make me feel like rainbow sunshine lollipops hasbroooo says: daaaamn! Zach says: what does the world need more of, hasbro? hasbroooo says: what is that shit? asprin? Zach says: no, wellbutrin hasbroooo says: well that was in response to the last q hasbroooo says: oh ok hasbroooo says: cause the world doesnt need more of asprin thats fro sho hasbroooo says: but i guess Zach says: yes, then what does it need? hasbroooo says: the world needs... hasbroooo says: man i dont think it needs anything else Zach says: ok hasbroooo says: its good the way it is hasbroooo says: in its own little fucked way Zach says: if your lovemaking was an animal, what animal would it be? hasbroooo says: vampire Zach says: disgusting. hasbroooo says: haha hasbroooo says: better than a goat Zach says: do you have any questions for me before I give you your final question? hasbroooo says: um... well ok what would yr animal be? hasbroooo says: cause nothin beats the vamp Zach says: mine would be a leopard Zach says: yeah hasbroooo says: ok i guess thats a good one hasbroooo says: yr fast? Zach says: ok, final question Zach says: WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH THE REAL HASBRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111 hasbroooo says: *tries to think of clever response* hasbroooo says: *but fails* hasbroooo says: um Zach says: that sums up this entire interview hasbroooo says: yeah hasbroooo says: sorry : ( hasbroooo says: but hey thanks for the interview mang Zach says: thank you for your time hasbro, it was very productive, very entertaining, very illuminating. Zach says: you're welcome.
  17. hasbroooo says: oh duuuuude could you interview me? Zach says: uuuuuuuuuuh Zach says: ummmmmm Zach says: uuuuuuuuuuh Zach says: hmmmmmmmm Zach says: uuuh Zach says: yeah, ok hasbroooo says: WOOOO! Zach says: alright, hasbro hasbroooo says: man ive been waitin for this moment for like 2 days! Zach says: how the hell does a bunny know how to work a computer? hasbroooo says: man im not actually a bunny haha hasbroooo says: if i was tho i could prob figure out my way around it Zach says: do you have some paper towels or something? Zach says: because you just blew my mind hasbroooo says: yeah in mah bathroom hasbroooo says: oooooh shit hasbroooo says: really? Zach says: I always thought you were a bunny that could type Zach says: and make music hasbroooo says: what does yr mind look like? Zach says: and post music hasbroooo says: and be annoying : ( Zach says: it's out in the carribean, see it swimming Zach says: yes, and be ridonkulously annoying hasbroooo says: : ( Zach says: I'm gonna test your bunny sensibilities, ok? hasbroooo says: man this interview is gettin me depressed! Zach says: I said, OK?! hasbroooo says: ok! Zach says: here, wanna carrot? hasbroooo says: no thanks Zach says: -1 hasbroooo says: i ate a cheeseburger hasbroooo says: OH FUCK hasbroooo says: wait i take it back then Zach says: if you could do something cute with a part of your face, which part would it be and what would you do with it? Zach says: no take-backsies hasbroooo says: umm.... Zach says: I'm listening to 15 step and I will kick your ass interview style hasbroooo says: my ears and i would spin around like a hellicopter hasbroooo says: or is that rabbits... Zach says: wrong! your nose and you'd wiggle it Zach says: -1 Zach says: ok, hasbro, where do you take your shits? hasbroooo says: out of mah bum? Zach says: and where do they land? hasbroooo says: ....lemme think about this hasbroooo says: um... into cadbury eggs Zach says: -1, bunnies poop everywhere hasbroooo says: FUCK! Zach says: alright, that's three wrong answers in a row hasbroooo says: do i lose anything? Zach says: you're clearly not a bunny, and not even worthy of carrying the name of bunny hasbroooo says: ok then call me jerry Zach says: you lose your dignity, your respect, and the right for people not to question your bunniosity Zach says: what is your real name? hasbroooo says: haha YOU WOULD LIKE TO KNOW! : o hasbroooo says: no one knows the real bunnies! hasbroooo says: cause there is no real bunnies! Zach says: what do you look like? hasbroooo says: whatev ya want me to look like hasbroooo says: like if ya want me as a bunny who wiggles mah ass and shits all over the face there ya go Zach says: well, since you're a horrible excuse for a man with bunnies in his name, I want you to be a chick that's fat enough so that no matter how drunk I get I don't hit on her hasbroooo says: done Zach says: can you do that? Zach says: good Zach says: next question Zach says: do your parents know you suck balls? hasbroooo says: what? hasbroooo says: i dont think i even knew that! Zach says: sorry, I meant, do your parents know yer gay? hasbroooo says: whaaaa Zach says: do you play NFL Blitz 2000? hasbroooo says: no hasbroooo says: does that make me gay? Zach says: then you're a gay ballsucker, yes hasbroooo says: i play nhl hitz hasbroooo says: ooooooh Zach says: sorry man, I havent' had any coke in a while, I'm a little angry Zach says: all my dealers are falling through Zach says: and one of them got shot Zach says: dumbshit hasbroooo says: aww hasbroooo says: well then lemme interview you! Zach says: .... Zach says: ok hasbroooo says: well so okay what is your fav food? Zach says: cheese fondue hasbroooo says: NO IT ISNT Zach says: it's my dad's specialty Zach says: .... Zach says: then what is? Zach says: wait, this is a bad idea hasbroooo says: i dunno but here Zach says: you're not a good interviewer, fuck that hasbroooo says: im gonna give ya a test Zach says: ok, ok hasbroooo says: on yr fondue sensibility Zach says: ok hasbroooo says: step one hasbroooo says: ok so what is yr fav cheese in fondue? Zach says: grier hasbroooo says: really? Zach says: I always eat grier Zach says: with wine hasbroooo says: damn i was gonna say swiss but that sounds delicious +1 Zach says: and sometimes grapes or apples instead of bread hasbroooo says: ok second question hasbroooo says: FUCK YOU ANSWERED IT! hasbroooo says: ok +1 hasbroooo says: now onto dessert fondue hasbroooo says: umm.... Zach says: ok hasbroooo says: damn isnt that stuff delicious? Zach says: dude, I've never had chocolate fondue hasbroooo says: really? hasbroooo says: you should! Zach says: really Zach says: I know Zach says: no one knows how to make it hasbroooo says: well ok what were we talking about Zach says: I'm taking my interview back hasbroooo says: ok thats cool hasbroooo says: yeah i suck at the late night Zach says: brb hasbroooo says: k Zach says: back Zach says: it's late night for you? Zach says: or are you just trying to be clever? hasbroooo says: nah i meant like tv host Zach says: oh, ok hasbroooo says: i was tryin to be clever : ( Zach says: tell me, what is it like to wake up in the morning and be Hasbro Bunnies? hasbroooo says: sucks Zach says: I thought so. Zach says: why hasbro? why bunnies? hasbroooo says: man who knows... i dont even hasbroooo says: like bunnies arent even mah fav animal Zach says: what is your favorite animal? hasbroooo says: um maybe dog or cat one of those hasbroooo says: bland i know hasbroooo says: but hey good all around animals Zach says: have you ever thought about fucking an animal? hasbroooo says: well you just put a disturbin image in my mind so i guess yes i just thought about it but no i would never do it and it doesnt make mah willy wonka'd Zach says: lol Zach says: that's the funniest thing you've said so far Zach says: how does that make you feel? hasbroooo says: man i dunno im depressed so it makes me feel like shit hasbroooo says: cause im not in a funny mood or somethin hasbroooo says: i try to be all clever and it ends up all shit Zach says: at least you don't suck as much as the interview rapefish and I agreed not to post, he was drunk and had a massive headache, couldn't manage to put together two funny syllables, let alone give a good interview hasbroooo says: haha oh man Zach says: so hasbro, where did you get your musical abilities? did you have to beat up a leprechaun or did you just dl it off the matrix? hasbroooo says: yeah people prob be bored readin this hasbroooo says: um... hasbroooo says: i think i got it from playin megaman 2 when i was little hasbroooo says: seriously hasbroooo says: like i would play that game just for the level music hasbroooo says: i taught myself guitar in third grade thanks to matchbox 20 hasbroooo says: and my sister's uke hasbroooo says: my dad had a martin and showed me some chords hasbroooo says: thats the most i have ever been taught musically hasbroooo says: but i try not to brag too much bout that cause when it comes to technical shit im pretty musically retarded Zach says: how so? hasbroooo says: i dont know what keys are what on a keyboard and dumb stuff like that hasbroooo says: cant read a note of music Zach says: oh, yeah, that is kinda retarded hasbroooo says: haha i know hasbroooo says: so like i don't know i try not to find myself in situations where i need to know that kind of stuff hasbroooo says: i just like jammin out with cool people and stuff Zach says: if I came over to your house and attacked you with a giant cleaver, would you a) play me some lullaby music or kick my ass? hasbroooo says: prob neither hasbroooo says: i would just let you keep beatin me with it Zach says: you'd die, I'd stab you Zach says: would you just die like that? Zach says: if so, what would you want on your tombstone? hasbroooo says: it would be a cool way to go out hasbroooo says: um... hasbroooo says: nah i wouldnt want a tombstone Zach says: what would you want? Zach says: coffin in outer space? hasbroooo says: i dont really feel like bein remembered after im gone hasbroooo says: so just bury me in the parking lot of a rite aid or something hasbroooo says: stick me in the aisle next to the folgers i dunno something like that hasbroooo says: was that funny? Zach says: it was very depressing Zach says: my inner child just committed suicide hasbroooo says: ok hasbroooo says: cool Zach says: yeah Zach says: he hung himself
  18. My ex-fiancee's a linguist and she said it was More Tee Jee
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