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  1. hmmmmmmmm well, I thought Thom could've been more articulate about climate change on colbert. aaaaahhh hummmmmm... Ed hasn't made a solo record yet? second on the slow output lately but eh, can hardly blame them. how do you categorize I Might Be Wrong then?
  2. I think Obama's drug history was something like, "I smoked a good deal of pot. Then I did some cocaine. But! I decided not to do heroin." drug scandals are dead.
  3. Kid A + shrooms = yes I definitely agree with this. Radiohead does not require drugs. But if you use drugs, Radiohead makes for a good pairing.
  4. this is an old hoax but you didn't even include the article? it's a template hoax. with any name you want to use.
  5. Tristan, you are a gentleman and a scholar. I read that first transcript, pretty good!
  6. as seen in Ideoteque live, he's playing guitar soundlessly, and very precisely, and later unleashes that crazy noise you always hear in Ideoteque. This is most notable in the SNL performance. so my guess is that the original noise is guitar generated, then mutated who knows how through pedals, and unleashed at that point. also yes, I've always thought Ed should do a pedals lesson DVD or something.
  7. I can only watch with the sound off right now, but that Colin video is the best thing that will come out of this unemployment crisis.
  8. yeah I don't doubt this. think I heard it, too. Ed had one terrible youtube live performance I've seen of The Tourist, but aside from that, he's been great in everything else I've heard. He takes his live singing parts seriously. really knows when to do his parts, that seriousness. except for those times when he looks lost. one of my favorite Ed live moments is when he and Jonny craft the sound they release in the last part of Ideoteque. I think it's different every time. In the SNL performance, I think it's clear that Thom wants it way more quite, or maybe gone entirely. There have been some great live moments with that part. I love it when it sounds like audience 'booing' noise.
  9. because 'burgers flow into my room' is an awesome lyric. no, I'm not this guy's girlfriend.
  10. yeah but I can definitely see that that wouldn't be a big enough worry to scare them away from releasing all the music at once. I think a lot of bands get frustrated when they have the recordings done but they can't give them to their fans because the corporate suits make them wait.
  11. did you read that or are you guessing? because I think I read that.
  12. Kid A and Amnesiac would have been a double album if Thom had his way (pretty sure). The record company didn't go for it. Still, i don't think that changes what Hail said, and it was well said. Also, the OP, babydoctor said this a while ago and I thought, yeah, that's pretty accurate for the most part, and interesting. and you're making a great case for it, too. but I do think the cycle will be broken with LP9
  13. these playlists are fuckin' awesome. wish I had the idea. I think I could go straight for the OP's, but maybe I should customize mine just a bit. why did you save High and Dry? looks like a 'darker' playlist, and High and Dry's still in the first 1-2 attempt at a punch?
  14. surprised this wasn't done earlier. I thought I had a chance! good second pick, too. this would not be bad.
  15. I'm really thinking there's something about election voters and a huge dismissal of the heavier guitar songs. granted MMM isn't much at all compared to Bodysnatchers as a guitar rocker, but I think they're the guitar songs of their respective albums. fuckin' rock out more, guys! just sounds flat as hell. lyrics might have aged well a little, but they're never going to be good. it's mostly a song that you wait to get to the 'routines and schedules' breakdown. I'm willing to bet it's a song they didn't spend enough time on, not something they still couldn't get right after days and days of trying. but something half-baked. the papa murphy's track of the album.
  16. Little By Little - very hard to get excited instrumentally by any part of this song.
  17. yeah and also the way he's subtle and brilliant with what he does in the chorus.
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