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  1. Has anything changed as far as the refreshing game goes these days? I haven't tried for radiohead tickets in a few years. I got really stoked on the berkeley shows, because that's my favorite venue of all time
  2. Am I tripping, or does the intro to ful stop remind anyone else of "Johnny's Techno Song' aka fifths reversed??
  3. are you driving? I would personally take highway 1 through santa cruz, Big Sur.. et cetera. it takes more time though, but DEFINITELY worth the drive.. you might opt for the 101, however If not, try to carpool. Craigslist, post a rideshare here or at AE..
  4. I scored one by refreshing.. Far. Fucking. Out.
  5. The bowl is the best, of course.. getting tickets will be hell
  6. Interesting, my top two favorite radiohead albums
  7. I like small, crispy/crunchy sweet potato fries with spicy ketchup
  8. this newspaper is going to reveal what the man said in the Just video, and you all are going to be flat on the pavement
  10. FUCK, yeah totally best radiohead performance
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