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  1. I think we need a full investigation into this issue! Audit the fums
  2. I love paranormal stuff even though there's usually a pretty reasonable explanation. Here's a fave https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/1561_celestial_phenomenon_over_Nuremberg
  3. at least for me, this seems to be caused by gifs. when i go to "new content", if one of the most recent posters on a thread has an animated avatar then it causes the white blocks problem. but if there are no gifs everything works fine. so my solution is that i click on all the threads which have gif avatar people as most recent posters. then when i go back to new content, there are no more gifs and everything looks fine.
  4. i went to a potluck to celebrate the 10th anniversary. there was a fire, and also i saw a cat.
  5. petition to make all forums into subforums of the arts forum
  6. my current ad is from amazon and it is for the book "fredholm theory in banach spaces"
  7. im getting ads for the fancy brand of cat food that i buy so i think the problem is you teej
  8. most of those are understandable things to not believe in. except video games. what a loser
  9. little known fact: the drnik in that picture is more mud than tea
  10. the caption should probably read "two strangers share a thankful glass of tea"
  11. yea the ads are targeted at the specific people so i guess you're just spending too much time on the internet looking for peoples secrets. as for me it's all ads for helping starving children
  12. haha dought isnt a word you IDIOT!!!!
  13. he's listed on http://mtwiki.akakakak.com/index.php?title=Level_10&redirect=no but if you go to his own page http://mtwiki.akakakak.com/index.php?title=Till it mentions the controversial nature of his level 10 status
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