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  1. that was a mean post man, i apologize !

    1. Lonely Loser

      Lonely Loser

      I didn't think anything of it. Don't worry

  2. pitol

    my nigga, i miss ya im sure things are well in your life but either way i hope someday our paths cross and we get drunk and have a 2/3 gay threesome

  3. : ) im serious homie

  4. hey if you ever wanna get away from shit and life you can come to mexico for a couple of weeks its beautiful and ill show you around and its quite cheap and just generally plethoric

  5. happy valentines day ill daydream

  6. dont believe in retribution im a lover

  7. who can i check em with, you?

  8. feelings are feelings

  9. cuz i was pretty upfront about my feelings for u and then you were like naa geographical determination rulz and you went for the blonde weirdo (whos a nice guy i like him)

  10. when was i not nice emiluh i even got a cat and bought a ticket to ny for next summer

  11. hey remember when you didnt hate me

  12. no cat pics damnyou

  13. been considering takin my cat on walks with a goofy cat leash but it suddenly dawns on me how sexy and gay id look, dont need more homo attention !

  14. im hungover (not drunk) and i wanna snuggle with a redhead : ( they say theyre really soft. i could use your expertise in several fields like twitter which is an unexplored territory for mealso snuggling with redheads

  15. do all cats grow fat i wonder i wouldnt want mine to lose her ninja skills (wouldnt mind to get rid of those ninja stars shes got for claws)

    1. pitol


      (she ruined a somewhat old but perfectly good leather sofa) any plans to move to a warmer place hows life beyond choleric cats, ac and lousy jobs

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