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  1. i'm teaching at my alma mater, which is pretty cool because i feel extra commited to trying to corrupt -in a responsible manner- the disengaged middle class minds of our future communication professionals
  2. im using one of foppe's paintings as my desktop wallpaper today at class one of my students commented on it when i plugged in the laptop to the tv screen
  3. wow you go to some beautiful places
  4. not definite but my top 20 would look something like street spirit the tourist climbing up the walls how i made my millions how to disappear completely idioteque you and whose army i might be wrong life in a glass house worrywort 2+2=5 there there gagging order 15 step nude weird fishes/arpeggi house of cards separator staircase ful stop present tense
  5. i'll never see lurkers the same way again, who knows who could be collecting data for their next a pitchfork piece they are among us. my posts will become even more self-conscious after this
  6. the reson perfect tense is my fav and not ful stop is because right when you feel present tense is losing its feverish steam that otherwordly choir kicks in
  7. the melodies/lyrics album just make me wonder what kind of emotional range does thom yorke the person experience in evryday life, how can someone feel this much while having the emotional technology to tap into it
  8. youre not very good until about halfway through
  9. The present tense is just so lush and delightful
  10. i think ful stop is one of my favorites, i had never listened to it before guess it'd been circulating for a while?
  11. i've never acted so giddy while listening to an album loved on first listen but probably will form an actual opinion within a week or two this is their worst titled album its obvious that tinker tailor is the real james bond reject identikit. identikit was a song i didn't like and it became amazing in this album
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