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  1. Haha this is neat its like I'm a virgin young man with no future in sight again!
  2. Irene thought it would be funny. Me and Bleesh are actually besties irl Yeah I posted tons of awful shit, I changed my account because I was disturbed about how bad my posts were BB (before box) I've gotten a lot better I think. Wiser Please don't think less of me
  3. Best part of that song is up till CAP CHURE THA FLAAAAG
  4. Clearly you can cause I just did? If you don't hear Lou Reed in Transport is Arranged I don't know what to tell you
  5. I dunno I feel like you're trying to explain to me why I'm wrong for liking it rather than expressing your preferences. Maybe it's just how I'm reading it. Anyway I find them totally pretty similar, a little older, a little more traditional and very reflective. Not saying Pale Blue Eyws = Old to Begin but both albums fill me with a distinct sense of melonchaly
  6. NotAnAndroid


    I still think the Purple Chick one is the best since its the Brian Wilson version recreated with the old clips. All versions are amazing but I much prefer On A Holiday being instrumental
  7. Sounds like you just listened to Crooked Rain alright
  8. Yes I can. Two of my favorite albums. Stop acting like you are speaking a definitive truths, it's annoying. I mean speak your mind but dont say what I can't enjoy due to some rules that don't exist
  9. What's there to be sorry about?! You've clearly realized your mistake
  10. Might get this and make a chick with big boobs
  11. Oh shit it was Mr Bananagrabber from Arrested Development! Amazing memory, I bow down before you
  12. There's so many good Shreds videos, I even love that Radiohead one where they start playing Nickleback at the end, classic
  13. NotAnAndroid

    MLB Thread

    Like I said Kemp is the frontrunner in the NL and the Dodgers are lousy. But he was the best player in the league. If its all based on playoff appearances might as well say Brian Scalabrine should be in consideration for NBA MVP because the Bulls had the highest record I'm not anti Verlander in the slightest, its a deserved win but there's been pitchers with comparable seasons that haven't even been considered, this was the perfect storm due to the whole "wouldn't that be cool?" factor of giving it to a pitcher for the first time in forever so it snowballed
  14. If you mean the one where they're playing metal riffs and Chris Martin is just telling the audience to fuck off then yes, and it's a masterpiece. Still might like the KoL one more due to the "AYYYYYYYUYUUUOOOO" in the chorus
  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NOF1FJ7wGhw
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