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  1. Do you get cancer by calling bullshit on someone who actually has it?
  2. My sister says this is gay, but I want it.
  3. Everyone thinks The Bends has horrible lyrics, but I think they are pretty clever. Not the best by a long shot, but clever.
  4. Kid A and Packt are super fucking good. Anyways, I seem to be in the huge minority that thinks Like Spinning Plates is way better on the album.
  5. I honestly laughed out loud at that.
  6. Yea I know what you mean. Dont mind the look of this PRS though, but then again you shouldnt play them unless you are fucking Satana : Youre right about signature models though. I would only buy a sig model if it didnt have a disgusting signature on the headstock and it shared name with some really awesome guy. I'm pretty sure that Jazz fits into both categories. Now we just need to wait for the Jonny Greenwood tele and the Sonic Youth line of jaguars and jazzmasters
  7. Yea man, I love Jazzmasters way more than any other Fender guitars besides Telecasters. Theyre just so goddamn expensive. Like I havent heard good things about the classic player version and those are already 1200 bucks or something. I will definitely buy either this: or this fucking sick Elvis Costello one: at some period of my life hopefully. Everyone knows Tele > Jazz > Jag > Strat. I have never even seen a Mustang in person though, I just think they are cool looking, they could be as awkward as you say though.
  8. Cool man. Ive always wanted to try one of these: http://www.rondomusic.com/stl50car.html or this: http://www.rondomusic.com/harm3hc.html But my heart tells me "Just save up and buy a Rickenbacker" for the latter. I'll probably get the telecaster rip off because I already own a Telecaster and I can fuck around with it. Anyways as for the brand names, I've always wanted one of these:
  9. In all reality, Ive reached a point where I dont know whether Im going to be the guy who buys off Rondo Music and customizes his guitars or the guy who saves up 2 grand and buys a Rickenbacker/Gibson/Fender/Gretsch just so they can be there when I'm older.
  10. How are agiles? Im thinking of getting one.
  11. Yea what the fuck guys? This song is hella intense. SDSU is fucking embarassing if anything.
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