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  1. Woah, Supercollider sounds totally different from when I first heard it...whenever that was - I can't remember but there was no band action.
  2. Twas an awesome setlist. Can't remember them doing KP and PA in the same gig very often and yeah...Wolf!
  3. If I was 20 again I'd be there like a shot!!
  4. I'll read it Penny - been dying to know what you thought of it all
  5. yep - that was definitely you I saw unless your bro's as tall! did Thom say hello?
  6. I agree that the crowd were a bunch of shites at that 08 gig - that was my least favourite of all the gigs i've been to but i'm gutted it put you off going last night because they were truly fucking special. I think the venue for that 08 gig was just too big somehow and yet the glasgow gig before it was also a great gig. I dunno, sometimes there's just no telling how it'll turn out. Hope you get a good one on strasbourg though.
  7. ^^^^ what he said! edit: thedevilsway....not ellis rimmer who should listen to more radiohead!! out of all the shows i've seen over the years this one really was special somehow. i really thought they'd struggle to top the two nimes gigs from this year (and don't get me wrong - they were also special in their own way due to them returning to the tour at that point and the fact that we got 35 songs over two nights) but somehow they pulled it off into a magical performance last night. they really were on form. it's pretty amazing to be among a 15000 strong crowd where you could, at times, actually have heard a pin drop - they were that mesmerising - fucking awesome!!!
  8. i think i saw you right near the front in the middle....
  9. well i thought the nimes shows couldn't be topped but i'm very much :horsie: yeah
  10. how come you chose manc over londinium this time, penny?
  11. You're in with a decent chance of getting either pyramid or htdc i'd say but dunno about yawa. I very mch doubt you'll make the train - last 3 gigs i've been to ended at around 23.45
  12. think the last time i saw it was at v in 06....don't remember them doing it on 08 but then i'm pretty crap at remembering whilst my other half can pretty much recite the setlist from memory!
  13. I don't want another codroipo, i want a different one! preferably one that includes yawa, spinning plates, morning bell and knives out coz i've never seen it live....plus to hear 2+2 again would be ace!!
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