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  1. --H--


    I say cunt a lot. I'm usually referring to a tory politician so it pretty much gets spoken several times a day at the moment - fucking cunts, the lot of them!!! Grrrrrrrrr!!!!
  2. now now you know what happened last time you went out on a friday night (last week)!!!
  3. it's snowing here and i just had to - twice - i still fucking love this album <3
  4. Bet she's gutted to lose you and your artistic flair but it's a shame because you seemed to really like it there at first
  5. oh well good luck then! what happened with your other job? in fact while i'm here you might as well all fill me in on everything i've missed!
  6. what's the job anna? congrats!
  7. HB Boxy boy! Foggety <3 In the notification thingy that drops down - never really occurs to me for search for me since I assume you all have better things to talk about! <3 Yay Will - cheers - how's it going? It's been soooo long... Update: I had a very pleasant but low key (for once!) birthday. Went to Liverpool on the saturday with Andy and went out with mates on the day itself then got drunk at the pub across the road with a load of old men and we ranted about Camoron et al - had to bring half a pint of wine home because I couldn't drink it all - what a bloody part-timer I've become!
  8. 69Fartsniffer - it's good to see you....but talking about posting styles, the random styles of you, martha and vivi, etc, used to drive me insane and then I found myself starting to enjoy the freedom of the way you all posted so now I can pretty much read anyone's post and enjoy them as a person...if that makes any sense - maybe it's about getting to know the person behind the type and the 'style' is irrelevant? Aaaahhhh I've missed mters
  9. Yeah, your path is changing and you need different things from people now. You're growing up and moving on - it's all perfectly normal, especially since you and Frank seem to be pretty settled these days and obviously the people he has as friends illustrate, even more so, the difference in, say, your friday nights and his. You shouldn't worry about it and should just do the things you want to do with the people who'll help broaden your mind and give you what you need intellectually. I've hung around in so many different social circles I've lost count but I'm only still friends with some of those people and they're the ones that you give and take something from - an equal friendship - and that's just fine so don't worry about it!
  10. It certainly is! And cheers mate - wasn't exactly what I would've planned for her at 22 but hey, it ain't my plan and she's happy plus he's really cute! In other news, I bought quite a lot of stones in India and thought of you whilst doing so!
  11. Wow - I don't remember posting this - must've been pissed! At this point I was in Rajasthan somewhere When is it Nogs? Hiiiiiii! Hellooooooo again I'm a grandmother!
  12. Aaaawwww bless yas all! This is the first time I've logged in since I left and I only saw this by chance so thank you all very much <3
  13. Alright nogs? We be at opposite ends of the temperature spectrum! P.s. India is suitably insane! Hope ya xmas break was ace xxx
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