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  1. Ireland, You're hired.
  2. So I'm planning a vegan ice cream shop. I'm going to have a flavor for each country,and import ingredients. I'm making sayings of countries for t-shirts. You can add some if you want, but I'm stealing them. Next is Native American tribes. Afghanistan, "I want to wrap you up in an Afghan and keep you warm." Andorra, "I like and/or love you." Andorra is in between France and Spain. Angola, "Friend, my goal is to not be angry." Antigua and Barbuda, "I don't feel like an antique with barbs being shoved down my throat when I love you." Argentina, "You are a gentleman and a scholar." Armenia, "You are mean only when disrespecting the beauty of our souls." Australia, "Your aura strays into the beauty of what lies beyond." Austrian, "Like ostriches and oysters, your eyes are hidden from ignorance of the ostentatious." Azerbaijan, "A soft breeze graces your face like a negliege." Bahamas, "Christmas doesn't compare with Bahamas." or maybe, "I wish you a great life of being bohemian." or, "Bah, I can't wait for us to ham it up in Heaven." Bahrain, "The rain of your beauty is the only bar I need." Bangladesh, "My gladness at seeing you will never be banned nor turned to ashes at a desk job." Barbados, I would live in a pretentious Barbie world if I could see you everyday Belarus, I would Blare on a loudspeaker, "I love you." Be the lazarus man and rise from your inequities Belize, "My heart bleeds thought that I believe you are the best person I have ever met" Bolivia, "I would feed you olives and tell you I love you all day" Bosnia and Herzegovnia, "The boss of my heart says it hurts to give in to anything but love for you" Botswana, "All the robots of my actions want to love you instead" Brazil, "To say I love you now would not be a brash statement" Brunei, The Brunt of the joke is that I would prune myself until nothing is left of me but my love for you Bulgaria, My love for you is bulging but afraid that it's vulgar Burkina faso, As King, I'll give you a buck for one fast kiss in the dark Burma, In my blurred state, I see only my love for you and my mother. Burundi, I would burn forever and in undying gratitude to love you Cambodia, If you would watch my webcam of my abode, all I am doing is loving you. Cameroon, I would never aim wrong; my love for you directly hits my heart. Canada, I have a problem with my heart, but upon careful scan, I see that the only solution is to add to the love I have for you Cape Verde, I wear a green cape to sympolize that my love for you is alive and flourishing Central African Republic, After one sight of you, I would replace all the cents in the world with my love for you. Chad, I'm hoping if I wear a hat while I chat with you, you'll love me Chile, my love for you is spicy, like chili to a child China, I think I have found my niche in loving you China, my love for you will shine forever Chile, shall I chop up my heart to make my love for you more spicy Colombia, knowing that you may return my love calms my intense passion or binds my intense passion Comoros, one image of you transforms all moroseness into love in my mind Comoros, my love for you is the perfect car, the Camaro C
  3. I call it How Many Of You Are Radiohead's Kids? Don't grind eyes. Hate warms people.
  4. I could sing. And write a few songs.
  5. was the youtube too much?
  6. cross your eyes. and tell yourself you're generous. What else does it matter to us? The key is in the door pulse. Turn the door. wear the key. and if you are ever us. Mourn the sore. say the key. sand if you were everest. Waddles to the master of us. War tells thoth am a star a fuss. torn your head. made your dayed. isn't he the masseur of as. Burn a hole. in your can. tent your else and alias. tune your head. exhaust your I's. til yourself too Faustus. http://youtube.com/watch?v=dR8tq-79U-0
  7. I love you. Whatever happens always remember that. Children hold nakedness in their hands. And everything's going as planned. Jesus loves every piece of them. Every brain and ahem. Jesus loves you at midnight. As I do, when you're in the arms of your lover, As I do, when under covers. I do too, when your nose goes achoo. And when your lips say, "I do". Jesus loves when you kiss a friend, In the eye or in the end. Children hold nakedness and nothing in their hand. Makes you in such horrible demand. Sets everything right, so much so it's trite. Jesus loves naked children. I love you. Whatever happens always remember that. Whatever fly you miss or do splat. Whichever hair gets tied or gets mat. Whatever high you get past your hat. I love you forever, I'll always do that. Jesus love you at midnight. He loves that your love is his only light. He loves you in time to help your fight. Against false monsters and fragile night. Jesus loves you at midnight. He wants to make things good and right. Take off your clothes, and your woes. Jesus loves naked children. He paid for all their beautiful sins. Jesus loves you at midnight. He'll sneak through the window and kiss you tight. Jesus loves you light and night With the most ferocious might. Jesus loves you all, all night. Jesus loves us all night long and wants to sing this very song. Jesus loves you all night long, and wants to help you right your wrongs. Jesus loves you at midnight, When you hold your lover's hand. Jesus really understands The warmth you feel and hard demands. Jesus sides in all your glands. The blood that rumbles when you kiss In intoxicating bliss. Jesus loves an orphan child And he's not the least bit mild. He'll sweep babes off to neverland Where he trains ninjas and plays in a band. He's playing in my band right now. You might hear him anyhow. He's the one who teaches angels Harp music, it's blues and sables. He's beautiful, as you are too. He loves you though, as you might one day crawl after to him To love him at midnight. Jesus wants to rock you at midnight. But he throws his stones away So that he can stretch and pray For you to come to him So he can kiss your lips Just a little, little bit. He wants to take a sip of you To solve every ebb and flow. It's ecstatic, you'll hear echoes. Everybody knows that Jesus is a good lover. Like a nothing and no other. He wants a bride and a groom. He wants everything, He's that mood. He's kind and daring, costly caring. He's a darling and a dude. And when you want him he can be crude. It's most attractive when he lets it out. And becomes of heart so big and stout. That your whole body's simply melting. And you're just begging for a belting. Saying, "I'm a bad little, shiny child". Take me to hell to bright my light. Tan my hide with your hand. I deserve it as a man. I get so devilish and so selfish. Children look just like shellfish. Crack them open and suck them out; Just some sacrificial grout. Bottom feeders need some helping. So I want to be with you, be yelping. From the pain of your hand on my butt. Don't give up, and have a strut. O, Jesus loves you at midnight, And will catch you doing dirty things The dirtiness in the things you sing. He loves you every inch and ounce. And wants to weigh you in his mouth. He adores you when on friends you pounce. But lovingly, or you'll go down south. It's always right, it's always ok. There really is no other way. Spread your love; fly, you dove. Fly above the heavenly skies And everything you recognize. He is Himself in the void Where you start feeling paranoid. Fly above like a naked penguin. Your only chance to save the children. Never to know if you've written too long For someone to see this as a song. Fly above like a honeybee. The way they mate is sacrificially. But don't tell anyone, it's a disease. You can tell by their stinging displease. Fly above into midnight Where Jesus waits for you in his right.
  8. We were born drowning. See our torn crown in.. the sky.. Flying towards our destiny. We will make peace with me. We were born drowsy. We were born bounding into the air. Just as if it was fair. We were born hounding. And we will make peace with me. And we finely somehow see.. that our own treachory.. Forces a birth drowning. We will make peace with thee. We were born hounding. All the demons in the air.. Looking like they don't care. We were born sounding.. And we will make peace with me. And we will make peace with thee.. And we will make peace with me. And we will make peace with thee.. We were born tasking. We were born gasping for air.. Don't say that there's no king.. You know that it's not fair. We were born lacking.. All that makes us bare. We were born hacking.. In some computer lair. We were porn back then.. But never had a snare. We were pulled slack then.. There's plenty enough to share. We were mourned back then.. Because the world isn't fair. We were born halflings.. Singing a helpful tale. And we will make peace with me. And we will make peace with thee.. And we will make peace with me. And we will make peace with thee..
  9. Oo baby, I want to tinker with your bell. Oo baby.I would rather go to hell than have you save me if it means i can't be felt by your sweet tongue Oo baby, save some hell for me. Oo baby, I want to treat you like a lady. Oo baby, save some hell for me. I've been in a better mood lately. The doctors say it's their fault. But I can say blatantly: they can't get a horse to halt And they can't fuck with me. Oo baby, save some hell for me.
  10. I'm losing it. And it feels good. I'm losing it Under the hood. If it comes back I'll be flat. If it comes back. I'll jump in jack.. I'm losing it And it feels good. I'm losing it. I know it should. I'm doing it All too good. I'm grooving it Like a druid. Ya I'm losing it. Makes me feel good. Come along with me. It's understood. Where we're going It's all good. I'm loving it Just like a wolf Territorial Wool. Do you know what a rolf is? I'm loving it. It feels good. I'm loving her: My best bud. It's all good.
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