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  1. so because of the themes that are within her album, that alone makes it exempt from a lawsuit? because it's about addiction and depression? do you realize how fucking stupid and childish you sound? also- this isn't about censorship you fucking mindless twat. you clearly don't even understand what censorship is. lol dude your ignorance and lack of critical thinking skills are astounding. you don't get to decide when an artist is allowed to sue another artist. it's not your call. you're just a judgmental, ignorant, whiny little shit who's making absurd, baseless, hysterical and hyperbolic remarks. you're obviously a troll, your account is brand new and you appeared as this news was breaking on this forum. stupid fucking alias. this is why the radiohead subreddit is so much better than MT. it's not nearly as trollish, cliquish and juvenile.
  2. out of line? and who are you or anyone else here to make that call? it's not your fucking art so mind your own fucking business. no one here is in any position to say whether or not the lawsuit is just.
  3. The score is absolutely majestic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fCNsHSJrn9M
  4. lol no offense taken. this is a radiohead forum after all.
  5. ok bud. it's funny... lol one of my close friends and i were just talking about this the other day. he's a massive Radiohead fan but he hates the fans. he's always amused that i interact with them and has a good laugh when he sees that i get annoyed by some of them. for years he's always maintained that Radiohead fans are assholes- and you're frankly evidence of that. As are a handful of other people on this board. ah well. i may come off as angry in these threads but it's more just shock and amusement......its always funny when people assume tone of voice. anyway. carry on. oh and that pitchfork article just proves my point that many people were jumping the gun and being judgmental twats.
  6. ditto. it's also cute how you always appear in threads when it comes to slagging on the band.
  7. oh and by the way, here's the latest update: https://pitchfork.com/news/radiohead-havent-sued-lana-del-rey-publishers-say/?mbid=social_facebook so, yeah. all you whiny, judgmental brats jumped the gun without knowing any details and thus commenced your knee-jerk reactions. shocking. well any of you admit you were wrong? not likely.
  8. good retort. oh and of course i know about The Hollies. people keep bringing that up in these discussions as if it's relevant. it isn't.
  9. Whatever second video you posted it doesn't play due to privacy settings. Also- seems obvious given that you're "new" here that you're just here to start shit or are an alias.
  10. so a band doesn't have a right to protect their music? what the fuck is wrong with these clueless comments? "and they don't need the money". LOL are you fucking 12? so by that logic, if Radiohead were broke, you'd be ok with this? it has NOTHING to do with needing the money. it's business. it's not right if another artist rips off another artist. There are consequences. whether it's radiohead behind this or the publisher or whomever, it is imperative to protect their music. it blows my mind how judgmental people are being about this without knowing and understanding the business and the legalities of this stuff. "the beginning of the end" lol jesus. bunch of naive, whiny brats.
  11. one of the dumbest fucking arguments i've seen on this topic. Nice false equivalency.
  12. The reissue CD was supposed to be out today. However, my local record shop didn't have it and it seems it's not out anywhere. Sellers on eBay say January 19th now. Delayed again? Because initially it was supposed to be out December 5th.
  13. No way, as someone already mentioned, Thom sounds too out of breath. Plus Jonny doesn't plays it a little differently and Colin doesn't do that cool bass riff during the breakdown. It feels rushed. It's a cool version but doesn't have the crazy vibe that the IR Disk 2 version does.
  14. agree for sure. And yes, Earl's Court version is pretty great. "London. This. Is. The Gloaming".
  15. really? see, i prefer the studio version over anything else i've heard. such a raunchy, raw fucking song. wish they did more like it.
  16. LOVE this version. First time i saw it back after IR came out i just about lost my shit. Especially his facial expression when he says "you're so last week". so happy it was a b-side on one of the IR singles.
  17. yeah, my thoughts too. it'll be rhythmic but i know it'll also be ambient too. i can't wait. he has a good voice.
  18. It's a special album for sure. IR Disk 2 is also excellent. I remember Thom saying he had a hard time dealing with the fact that Down Is the New UP didn't make the cut for Disk 1. He felt it was one of the best things they'd ever done. It's top 10 radiohead for me personally. Disk 2 is almost like the "Amnesiac" version of Disk 1.
  19. This is a great, great interview. A lot of it is nerdy gear stuff so if you're a musician like myself you'll geek out. Regardless, it's an excellent read. It's 5 pages long, i didn't notice it at first, just thought it was one. http://www.musicradar.com/news/radioheads-ed-obrien-i-was-always-drawn-to-sounds-that-didnt-sound-like-the-guitar
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