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  1. The last time I posted a picture in this thread, no one was calling them selfies. I feel old.
  2. Academics who tell you shouldn't should be rounded up and forced to listen every single first year they've ever taught recite their shitty essays forever. Saying I and my is fine if it qualifies that a particular statement of the author is personal opinion and adds to the narrative of the paper.
  3. You probably don't need the beginning bit - I imagine most students will open with "I had no idea what to write about." Just begin it with the key part - the fact that a news story prompted you to consider writing about the death penalty. If it's meant to be a personal narrative, you could do deeper into that - why this news story? Did you have any immediate reactions to the story? Have you ever had any strong reactions when confronted with death penalty stories? Reflecting on your own personal confrontation with the death penalty, past and present, would make for a nicer, smoother springboard into the wider social implications of the issue and make your engagement with the topic seem relevant and timely.
  4. IF it's an exploratory paper then you should introduce the key themes that are discussed in the the scholarly literature on the topic. I would think those are: Economic benefits/costs. The moral issues. Efficacy as a form of justice, deterrence, and punishment. Societal views of the death penalty in the US.
  5. Agricola? I've played it enough that I can say I fucking hate the Lover card with a fiery passion. When I see some fucker play that stupid open-shirted buffoon I just wanna rip the card up and scream. So yeah, a little bit. Edit: SERIOUSLY LOOK AT THIS PIECE OF SHIT:
  6. I've been back five minutes and already arguments are starting. It's like I never left
  7. Never heard of it but my favourite board game of all time is about the cold war.
  8. As if we Brits would ever tolerate any of those things in our country!
  9. BSG is pretty great, though my group have played it to death. Now it's all "the best move is this, and if you don't make that move you're obviously a Cylon."
  10. It is a bit taxing on the old purse there boxxy, I agree with that. It's more in £ here than it is in $ there.
  11. I want to teach English Lit but only so I can subvert it by turning my pupils into comics nerds. I probably won't say that in the interview. When will you be in London until? Olga and I find ourselves down that way a fair bit.
  12. I like board games does anyone here like board games?
  13. Well there you go. My knowledge of quintessentially American fast food begins and ends at Five Guys and I'll probably keep it that way.
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