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  1. Wasn't hard to figure out, I just looked at two recent posts that were on either side of the magical number 4001276 and searched for the posts in between those two times.
  2. Each post has a unique identifier number. You'll notice that yours is 4001315. Now it happens that due to deleted threads and posts, the tags aren't entirely accurate, so your post is actually the 4,000,039th post. Take 39 off from your post tag, you get 40001276, which is the unique identifier of Bennyboy's post.
  3. I'd just like to point out that this is MT's 4 millionth post.
  4. Martha Claire's posts in that thread had the most disgusting attitude I've seen on this board since... well... since Martha Claire called out Irene for talking about her cancer too much.
  5. The album was really lacking harmonies until the last two songs, which have enough to make up for it. The first half is a little subdued for my current tastes, but I think I might like this better than In Rainbows. At least the track sequencing isn't god awful.
  6. That theory is cool and all but it has nothing to do with the idea that Kid A is clone. It could be the experiences of any teenager.
  7. Fucking Christ, so much sanctimonious bullshit from the regulars here that it's astounding. When I ran the Top 100 you could also have a civil disagreement over certain rankings and it was all a good laugh, but if its some new guy who expresses a dissenting opinion y'all jump on him like he's a retard. I agree with the OP in that Amnesiac is their worst since Pablo Honey; are you all going to come back and tell me that I "just don't get it"? Also, speculating on how an album would be if you spliced in other tracks is a lot of fun; I personally put Worrywort in the place of Knives O
  8. The setup is supposed to hint at good vs. evil and I'm very glad that you got that; it means this prologue is doing it's job =) In actuality it's actually a lot more complicated than that binary, and the rest of the series will explore that. What I've tried to do is distil two basic opposing forces in Western society; the individual and the collective. Alteri (alter, latin for "other") are all about the groupthink, religion, tradition, morality and so on. Ipsenar (ipse = self) are individualistic, materialistic and competitive. They aren't demons either, just people, and th
  9. Cardinal-seeker Godfrey would have preferred the ever-watchful eyes of the towers to this lonely landscape. No one ventured into the Regira desert save to traverse the Border with some degree of anonymity. It was many leagues away from the Cicatrix, where opposing fortresses towered over either side of the ash-black valley, clearly indicating the location of the Border – and the consequences should one attempt to cross. There were no buildings here in the Regira, no river or mountain range to mark the line over which so much blood had been spilt. The only features were dust and cracks and the
  10. If you don't think Treefingers is top 10 Radiohead, you don't know shit about Radiohead.
  11. This is the first poem I've ever written, so please be gentle. Krakow Krakow, and the crows are calling. A cloud of wingbeats Briefly. Release the Threepwood breath. Escape is a busied bush. Krakow, and a life is lost. Predator and prey, stray thoughts of Kinship. Ringed red eye and stiff shoulders. Escape is a running roof. Krakow, and it's over. Tool is to be ripped apart Quickly. Store it away, safe and forgotten. Escape is a private plane. Krakow, always krakow. Could be London, Moscow, still Krakow. Though it feels more like Birkenau.
  12. I think the only thing I can add to Zach's redpenmanship is a few comments on the overall structure and feel. Firstly, it reads like a professional piece. By that I mean, it's one of the few first-person stories I've read online which isn't plagued with constant "I did this, I thought that". You've got a nice balance of insightful description and introspection, so keep that up. There is a bit in the middle paragraph where about 4 sentences in a row begin with "I", which might be intentional, but I think a little variation there would be more conducive to the overall story.
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