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  1. yeah i know i know i just have a bad rep for saying i'll do things and then not doing them which feeds into my anxiety BUT i'll try if i can remember! i didn't think there was a deadline for signing up? and i mean i know all this tbh but thanks
  2. i feel like i want to do this but i know i won't make every deadline hmmmmmmmmmmmm
  3. it does work but any time i go on mt with a mobile device (my kindle fire) i have to manually switch back to mobile, and then manually switch back to full later using the address. kind of annoying, but at least i don't have to be stuck in mobile view forever
  4. maybe we should start a petition saddest petition ever
  5. getting stuck in mobile view is happening to me now. i tried clearing cookies, clearing saved passwords, signing out of every location i was signed in from, and i'm still stuck... not sure what to do anymore??
  6. i haven't. i had ordered it a while back but got an email saying the order couldn't be fulfilled, and i never tried to order it again.
  7. yeah, i'm a fan of daniel clowes' work. the film is good but the story's a little different, obviously adjusted to fit the medium of film better (and to get people to watch it)
  8. nope just the colors. sorry should've clarified! thanks!
  9. hellooo thread. been a while. lots of good stuff posted in here. i finally reinstalled photoshop on my computer and did this little cheesy thing for my boyfriend last night for our anniversary today haven't used photoshop in a while, it was a lot of fun to use again. it's like riding a bike!
  10. i love thisss all the things you've posted have been pretty great but i'm quite partial to these
  11. fuckin incredible i love the city at night and you've captured it perfectlyyy
  12. vivi you are so fucking talented. are you going to do something with this talent?
  13. i am really trying to understand that photo
  14. can't believe how little activity has gone on in this thread since i last checked it.
  15. click on "all sizes" and pick which size you want, the url of the image is below it.
  16. haha yes! it totally didn't come out how i wanted it to but i still think it's cool. i would like to take some legit portraits though so next time he's in town i will make him sit still and pretty. with good lighting.
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