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  1. srry to hear about your mealy taco meat experience

    1. mutsy


      thnx for the condolences

  2. it does work but any time i go on mt with a mobile device (my kindle fire) i have to manually switch back to mobile, and then manually switch back to full later using the address. kind of annoying, but at least i don't have to be stuck in mobile view forever
  3. thank you mutsy. <3

    1. mutsy


      yr welcome girl <3

  4. maybe we should start a petition saddest petition ever
  5. getting stuck in mobile view is happening to me now. i tried clearing cookies, clearing saved passwords, signing out of every location i was signed in from, and i'm still stuck... not sure what to do anymore??
  6. Yo Nikki you still gots the same address?

  7. what are your opinions on this whole people-boycotting-patton-for-somewhat-defending-daniel-tosh thing? i assume you've heard about it since you like his page on facebook. i couldn't stop myself from reading the comments, and now i'm all mad.

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    2. Fly Wingless

      Fly Wingless

      it's fine, that's what i figured had happened, haha. but yeah, basically, patton had tweeted "Wow, @danieltosh had to apologize to a self-aggrandizing, idiotic blogger. Hope I never have to do that (again)." Then of course, everyone jumped on him and accused him of being a "rape apologist," a term that was thrown around a lot at him and Louis CK (who only tweeted "@danieltosh your show makes me laugh every time I watch it. And you have pretty eyes," which is...

    3. Fly Wingless

      Fly Wingless

      wtf, it let me type all that out, but it's not showing the whole thing? aaaaugh...

    4. Fly Wingless

      Fly Wingless

      as i was saying, this was amusing: http://www.starpulse.com/news/SheKnows_Entertainment/2012/07/18/oops_louis_ck_wasnt_defending_daniel_t


      the whole thing was stupid. people boycotting patton, saying, "i respected you till you tweeted that, man. i'm not buying your tickets/albums anymore," and patton has made rape jokes before. what the fuck, even?

  8. had exes who hated if i contacted them at all and barely ever wanted to speak to me but i had self esteem issues at the time and figured that was normal. ...it's not. " ingirls only and i didn't want you to think i was talking badly about you or anything. i know you may interpret it that way which is why i am pm'ing you now (: i know communication between partners isn't the same in every relationship and i don't want you to think i think you're wrong or anything. <3

  9. tried to pm you but i couldn't? so i will write this here. i just wanted to write you a msg saying i made this post: "i'd say yes to that sure, i think it's weird if they didn't - but i know nikki for instance doesn't have the same thing goin w/her bf, he's been gone for a night or more and hasn't called or texted her at all. i said i'd be pissed but she claims she isn't, altho i can't imagine not being at least somewhat disappointed. i've...

  10. you simply MUST muster the strength musty!

    MISTY! (watch THE MIST!)

  11. cynical monkey... haha!

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