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  1. nah man pretty sure it was before midnight when I listened to it...
  2. Well I was waiting so long it seemed for an album to come out i just sort of stopped looking and news about the band. Plus being in college is a hassle now. And being ripped all the time doesnt help either. Like i used to post on this forum years ago and, but i do not remember what my name was. So on sunday, two days ago, my dad says "I'm downloading the new radiohead CD it comes out in two days" and i just thought he was kidding or something, but then he explained and i believed him and broke down and torrented it 2 hours before release. This is my favorite band, i can play the guitar parts of every song that has them, i know every lyric, and i never read a single thing about it until it was released haha. Imagine how amazing this sounded off that
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