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  1. i'm in love with this Codex song..so beautiful
  2. I don't understand the hate for this song, i have to dance when i hear it
  3. p much it only has 2 good songs first and last
  4. my computer decided it was a good time to crash just before i was about to dl TKOL... i dont even know how i'm posting this right now. I just have to say, I love this album! someone said it picks up where amnesiac left off..i had the same imagery in my head first listen...amnesiac is my favorite album this is what i was hoping for in in rainbows it was worth the wait... Lotus Flower>Bloom>Little by Little>Feral>Codex>Give Up the Ghost> Morning Mr Magpie> Separator I didn't like wake me before and I don't like it here either (sounds like it belongs on IR)...other than that I love this album!
  5. In the Aeroplane Over the Sea always blows my mind when i havent listened to it for a long time..i'm pretty sure it's the most sad/beautiful album ever recorded
  6. nah it was pretty rad with the USC marching band yeah i say that because i was a geeky band kid in high school too short but sweeet ..band kids rule!!!!
  7. I'm glad they didn't win tbh..the grammy's are nothing but an industry hype machine/suckfest
  8. i dunno i kinda like colin with the beard and yaay radiohead for another loss at the grannys!! i still love you guys!
  9. seriously ok seriously, is thom the new geicko cave man? serious question the USC drums were cool tho
  10. so far the best music ive heard was on the mcdonalds commercial when they played Os Mutantes A minha Menina
  11. coldplay look like sargeant pepper meets salvation army.. god i hate the grammy's..its not about the music its about who sells the most records oh look coldplay just won song of the year *barfs*
  12. yeah not too many guys could pull off a hair style like that, although after seeing johnny depp in charlie and the chocolate factory it reminds me of that now :/ he looks much better with his current hair style i have to admit i'm a bit jealous of jonny's hair, i wish i had hair that beautiful
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