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    peepin at night.
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    pearl jam, tv on the radio, yeahyeahyeahs, tool, my morning jacket, citizen cope.
  1. it would suck balls if they played the tourist at all. i really just wanna hear videotape tonight.
  2. i dislike retards who only like creep and no other RH songs. but i dont dislike creep. also i like egg white omelettes, and i dislike pork sausages.
  3. nah- that shit was dope. there were song other really good ones- i gotta listen again.
  4. enemyjavi

    New MT Comp?

    clearer. TerrorNeverCLEARER.
  5. enemyjavi

    New MT Comp?

    'TerrorNeverClearer' http://www.megaupload.com/?d=HSVFEQW4
  6. enemyjavi

    New MT Comp?

    whats the word? a word up.
  7. this thread makes me crush on you girls way more than the sexytime thread ever did. its cuz im gay, innit?
  8. but hasbros what we really wanna hear is a full version of "to brooklyn". give the people what they need!
  9. enemyjavi

    Pron Ads?

    you talking about big naked shrimps?
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