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  1. wow - 50 songs so far is incredible. Thanks for keeping the running update.
  2. Lose the coat; it's hot in Phoenix!
  3. Fag is slang for homosexual? I thought they were protesting cigarettes.
  4. Haha - goddamn, don't screwup the time! Will Call line is long as hell
  5. Local media reviews... Great thom quotes: http://blogs.riverfronttimes.com/rftmusic/2012/03/radiohead_setlist_scottrade_banter_thom_yorke.php http://kdhx.org/blog/2012/03/10/concert-review-and-set-list-radiohead-fills-the-scottrade-center-with-light-and-dark-friday-march-9/
  6. Anyone have the exact quote of Thom last night on Idenitkit? Something like ...here's a new song we're into playing. It's called identikit; don't know what that means or what it's about... Then it appeared Jonny smirked.
  7. Had a blast. The worst and best version of Karma Police ever as Thom forgot the words several times, mumbled, sang "this is what you get when you forget the words" then killed it with "for a minute there..." Stage, sound, and lighting were incredible. Saw them in 2004 and 2008 but Thom was never this chatty and jovial. It seemed like Jonny didn't want EEIRP to end. Actually had a beefy security guard ask me why Creep wasn't played. Haha. Can't wait for KC!
  8. Thank you W.A.S.TE! All tickets made it to the box office and on to my hot little hands. To those in STL, enjoy te show!
  9. We should have all made MT/ims menoo t-shirts.
  10. Go, otherwise you'll be kicking yourself for the next 60 years.
  11. Leave it to jayhawks to put a bad taste in the mouth.
  12. Here's to Thom going all Axl Rose on Friday in the STL.
  13. Can't wait to return to my hometown and see the Sprint Center first hand. Oh, and Radiohead too.
  14. Something from Amnesiac then Street Spirit to close?
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