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  1. this is a pretty great list. I really wish there were more songs like A Wolf at the Door and Life in a Glasshouse. I feel like The King of Limbs is the only album where all the songs sort of feel like they're very closely related. With albums like Kid A and Hail to the Thief, you never knew what was coming next. I love TKOL, but it's just a bit more predictable than their other albums.
  2. First album I showed my GF was The King of Limbs and she loves that and Amnesiac the most.
  3. Just today I realised how fucking awesome the guitar in parts of "Morning Bell" are. I've always loved "Morning Bell" and I've heard it a million times but only tonight do i notice something new. anyone else ever experience this?
  4. This. if you don't like Life in a Glass House you need to stop smoking crack
  5. totally true. they really should have just left it off of Amnesiac. It kinda ruins the album's flow a bit.
  6. i don't recall. You sure it wasn't him wearing that Joy Division t-shirt?
  7. waste has done this to me before too. I saw Atoms for Peace in Chicago last year and instead of waiting in the huge fucking line to get poster, I decided to just buy one from waste. I get one in the mail, then like 3 weeks later I got another one.
  8. i love in rainbows, but i honestly never find myself listening to it anymore. maybe i burnt myself out on it. right now it's either been hail to the thief or king of limbs for me.
  9. scalpers are pieces of shit. i feel your pain. I wanted a copy of the Pink Floyd - London 66-67 record but both record stores in my town sold out of it immediately. then i go home and look on ebay and its going for like 50-75 bucks
  10. I'm tryin this as of now. Bloom These Are My Twisted Words Morning Mr Magpie Little by Little Feral Lotus Flower Supercollider Codex Give Up the Ghost The Butcher Separator
  11. parts of The Butcher make me think Radiohead doing Bjork, with the big beats and all, but much darker. The Butcher
  12. Roger Waters' last album with Pink Floyd was "The Final Cut". Just sayin'
  13. I don't understand all the "Feral" hate. It's an amazing song. It's like "Treefingers"+"Where Blue Birds Fly" on fucking acid. My vote was for "Give Up the Ghost". It was either that, or "Morning Mr Magpie". I liked Magpie from the Gagging Order radio sessions, and I think they did a pretty good job fitting it on TKOL. Ghost is just sort of boring and the constant background vocals get kind of annoying. I didn't like it at all when Thom played it on the Atoms for Peace tour. It only mildly improved. Who knows, maybe it'll grow on me over time.
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