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  1. I decided to vote for clanclan. Maybe he doesn't deserve to win this poll, but he certainly deserves more votes.
  2. especially when he jacked off after he saw a 13yr old girl flashing her tits
  3. Claclan referring to his confession of not really being turned on by Dakota Fanning as "breaking the fourth wall" was a 9.5 moment
  4. there are like 100 people on this board who claim to have it
  5. funnyHAHA is using any argument you sheld never use on the internet like "YOU ARE LOSERS CAUSE YOU USE THE INTERNET" - only valid when used IRL "I WOULD PUNCH THE SHIT OUT OF YOU IF I WOULD MEET YOU" - only valid when you're not a gay pussy who pisses his pants when his opponent wants to meet up with him I wonder which gayness we have to expect from him next
  6. he said something like "well if my brother died of aids I would be with my family instead of posting on a message board"
  7. to be honest, I can't remember anything of him except for his insensitive AIDS comments (which weren't even funny), so that means that he didn't piss me off with the rest of his posts but that they couldn't have been good either
  8. yeah but he is hilarious at the same time because he is such a generic bush-basher
  9. he made like three really bad posts, man funnyHAHA and Priapism made only shitty posts
  10. I'm afraid that everyone will vote for meandmyarmy or bleesh because they think that I will win anyway. Vote Rapefish!
  11. It's a matter of definition I'm certainly not a new member... but I'm a new poster
  12. INVESTIGATE 909 Evidence that it is a noob: -also' date=' rich is nominated although he isn't new Evidence that it is a stupid noob: -just look at the threads Evidence that it is conor: -Conor is nominated Conclusion: 1. 2. I'm the best new poster
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