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  1. 48...absolutely too soon. Listening to AMSP with new ears today, and it's incredibly sad. Hopeful for their children, especially around this holiday season.
  2. I don't know that one weekend will be better than the other, I just went with weekend two because it worked best with my schedule. I suppose the longer you wait, the better the weather will be (only partially hell-ish!), so one week will surely make a difference! Right?
  3. I'm all set for Friday 10/7!! So stoked!
  4. The one-day passes to ACL fest for both weekends go on sale on June 16 at 10:00 AM. Wondering which days Radiohead will be playing? Me too, so I wrote ACL. They responded: "Radiohead will only perform one day, not all three. The lineup by day will be released on Thursday, June 16 at 8AM CT and 1-Day Tickets will go on sale the same day at 10AM CT." So don't panic if you don't know which day to buy for just yet.
  5. Not sure why, but this site isn't working for me. Can someone cut and paste the list?
  6. Climbing up the Walls!!?!?! aww man!
  7. Thom sounded GREAT the whole time! And, he was much more interactive with the audience than other shows I've seen.
  8. EIIRP and paranoid android in encores. Mind blown. What a night
  9. I live on the East End of downtown and will leave just before 6 and walk there. Planning on arriving at 615
  10. I'm beyond ready for tonight!!!!!!!! Doors open at 6:30, so I'll be there a little in advance. I have GA tix.
  11. My two cents... 1. You do not need to name the guests you are buying tickets for. The purchase is only attached to the person placing the order. I suggest you not lose the card you paid with, as you may need to present it at will call when collecting your tickets. 2. Make sure you are not attempting to refresh the browser from the ticket sales area of waste.uk.com. I made this mistake at the pre sale. Get them from the ticket area of Dead Air Space, where the sale date is listed.
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