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  1. I totally agree with the counter acting of scalpers. which is why i went ahead and purchased the miami tickets even though i wasnt sure if id be able to go. I figured I will either get good seats or be able to help out a fellow fan which either way gives those ticket scalpers less tickets to scalp. but it sucks when the system used for the fans ends up hurting a few in a roundabout way.
  2. Bump Id like to know as well. Im in a similar predicament and dont know if Ill be able to go to the Miami show (why does it have to be on the monday before progress reports go out to students?) I was also wondering if anyone might be interested in trading Miami tickets for Tampa tickets. Ive already emailed waste about, ill keep an update on what to do if there is an outlet.
  3. cool. Was there any filter on the lens? I just have trouble sometimes taking shots with the sky and it being a bit over exposed and sometimes photoshop well help with that. any tips would be greatly appreciated. but regarding your pictures... absolutely beautiful.
  4. were these photoshopped to intensify the colors?
  5. was at a local record store looking for some miles davis and when I looked up I saw it across the aisle from me. Unopened Kid A for 25 bucks. needless to say I snatched it up and came home and listened to it.
  6. skazat

    "I Will"

    theres an electric version of I Will that when thom played it backwards he liked the vocals soounded so much he decided to write like spinning plates in that sound. Ive been trying to find it but I guess it was never released.
  7. farking wankers beats the baby
  8. I was just wondering if theres another there there that I wasnt aware of. I know that theres that bootleg of HTTT with a bunch of diff versions but just didnt know if there was an alternate version. ::15 step kids yell yeaa::
  9. id up the contrast a little the background is a little mono tone gray
  10. not trying to be an ass but would you have expected a different version?
  11. imo DITNU is the best song out of the bonus disk and competes with IR. I hoped to hear that climax live but never got to. hopefully next tour. The peak in that song definitely reminds me of a definition radiohead song that wasnt really in IR.
  12. sell your self/services or drugs. or sell fake t shirts. my friend went to a jack johnson show where the colored folk, no offense, that were selling their homemade shirts yelled "JOHN JACKSON get your john jackson shirts"
  13. how come theres no official word on this other than some mexican papers?
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