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  1. thanx dickhole, i mean actual movies, not documenteries
  2. i just got done watching vanilla sky, and there were like 2 radiohead songs in it, does anyone know any other movies that have radiohead songs in it? And im not talking about clueless and those other shitty movies.
  3. I dont understand what the deal is with the singles, is it simply because they are collectors items that they are so popular? Ive always wondered this.
  4. Dont forget that ed did write Bishop's Robes. I think that single handedly makes him NOT the worst:horsie:
  5. :horsie:oh see i thought he said "get out of the light" i think it makes more sense with the song too
  6. the song spinning plates may be radioheads most beautiful and intelegent song of all time. this is why- the term spinning plates is obviously a play on the word fortspinnung, which is a musical term to describe a continuously line of music without any pauses or rests. If you listen to the piano version, youll see it better. Not only this but spinning plates is used to describe how life continues and returns over and over, kinda like thinking your special when everything you will ever do has been done before. The only escape from the monotanous repeat is being outside looking in and floating down a muddy river.
  7. "youll go to hell for what your dirty mind is thinkin" ( i know its not thirty minutes, but brilliant)
  8. :horsie:first time i saw that video I literally laughed my ass off I think dick's fuckin hilarious.
  9. is anyone else here pissed off that you can here thom counting off in the beginning of faust arp? It just seems to me that it takes away from the beauty of the album.
  10. okay im sure alot of you already know this, but for those who dont when thom speaks about speaking from red blue green, red blue green i was wondering what he meant. this is my answer: red blue green are common colors found on a light color wheel, when combined they produce white light. So he is speaking from white light, get it! hes such a fucking genius!
  11. really? i dont know for some reason I can see a connection
  12. is it just me, or does the keyboard part of 15 step remind anyone of black swan?
  13. Sorry if this has been asked already, but I searched and dont think its been asked yet. Has anyone gotten the box set yet, if so (because i ordered the download) what is MK1 and MK2, there was a thread a while ago about what people thought it would be, but nobodys said anything since the box sets were recieved, if they were even received yet.
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