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  1. on the old nokia phone where you could compose your own ringtones i did a really good version of let down - but i couldnt put it onto any of my new phones... my god, that was a long time ago.
  2. starbucks breed battery coffees... makes me sick - fucking liberty takers.
  3. i cant get away with electronic gangsta rap.
  4. oh, it will my friend.... ....it will....
  5. this is the second thread on the subject - and the fifteen-millionth time it has been talked about. ggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrr......
  6. i think 'awesomeness' is a hands-down-win in any answer concerned.
  7. that is harsh. there is no need for that at all. ....i mean - he would have to do yoga or something to get used to bending that way enough to actually be able to suck his own dick.
  8. i actually did try to invite all of rh to my 18th last year. they did not reply. it was like being punched in the stomach.
  9. parachutes is good, rush of blood to the head is ok, x & y sucks ( all in my opinion) in the end though, i think of rh and coldplay on completely different levels. if it came to comparignm them, i would say rh far out-weigh coldplay in sheer genius. to be honest - i would say that that was a well-known and agreed-upon fact.
  10. it took a while to download to my comp, but the quality is fantastic. very impressive. if the members of rh were to see this they'd give us all a pat on the back.
  11. maybe someday - in the distant future.... just watch it tho. you may be casualy walking down the path.. then BAMMMMMMM.... i clunk you on the head with a newspaper... mwahahahahaha!
  12. oooooooooohhhh... ur treading a thin line here. i watching you!
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