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  1. hey guys this is the last blissblu8 post ever!!!!! yay!?!?!?
  2. maybe ill just get a new name. but i still want to get rid of this one too bad..
  3. is this possible because i want to get a whole new account and get rid of everything "blissblu" has said on this board.
  4. you know u2 has poety in there music she ran through the streets with eyes painted red under a black belly of cloud in the rain in through a doorway she brings me white golden pearls stolen from the sea you have to admit thats good stuff...but maybe fake plastic trees would work?
  5. yeah ive been trying to hard to make poems into songs...there is a difference.
  6. thank you we should start a thread saying what can be stated and what cannot...haha it was honestly just a question i dont want to get into Thoms life or anything
  7. I really dont mean to start shit here i always find a way somehow
  8. i didnt think it would be this big of a deal
  9. Anyone have a picture of her? I've always wondered what she'd look like.
  10. Can someone pleas tell me the chords so I can jam out on my piano?
  11. no i changed it before you said anything i got tired of bono.
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