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  1. this. srsly you need a background in code breaking or something to read those arseholes.
  2. what the fuck was with cunting ticketek or whatever this morning. i got to the payment page and then booted off as my payment was being processed and from after that it was all sold out. How did you guys manage? Congrats BTW
  3. alot of the photos on dead air space at the time in rainbows was bveing worked on showed a lovely old, worn out mansion or something. does anyone know the story behind this place? where it is, why they used it etc? sorry if this has been covered, searched but couldn;t find anything cheers!
  4. if they added in some drums at the 2ish minute mark of go slowly then it probably could have been their greatest song to date. the first 2 minutes are beautiful, but kinda falls off after that. still my favourite track on the bonus disc though
  5. im in adelaide, still havnt got mine . would definetly have to be tomorrow i rekonnnnnnn (tues)
  6. sail to the moon. at this point in time, anyway.
  7. im lost at sea don't bother me i've lost my way -------------------------- really haunting.
  8. not yet eh, i have a hunch it will come between wednesday and friday and if not i will kick a door in frustration and storm around the house muttering 'cunt' and 'arse' to my self.
  9. MK 2 is really scary. like aliens trying to communicate with us or something. i understand that its the intro of nude, but damn i feel like if it was an extra 2-3 minutes it could have been a truely awesome track, with jonny going for gold. ends so suddenly with so much potential! i like it though.
  10. for international shipping, you can expect to wait 5-18 days as of december 3 when they were sent out. so pretty much alot of people in the world are still waiting. its all good.
  11. i live near the bottom of the earth so am not really expecting it for a good 1-2 weeks. ive tried to avoid the bonus CD material discussion as much as possible so i can be completley wow'd by myself, but it just aiiiiiiiint working. thinking of taking a spiritual journey into the heart of the foothills surrounding my city to cleanse my soul and clear my mind from the temptations of downloading the new tracks. its tough.
  12. horse boy


    yeah me and a mate had a crack many years ago, ended in tears.
  13. amnesiac at first in its entirety, i often pondered, that it was never to be. but now as i listen closer and closer, i do indeed feel it growing 'pon thee. probably my favourite i think. 'twas a rugged begining; rife with anticipation yet amnesiac fell just a bit short. this has all changed though. climbing up the walls has also really attracted me recently.
  14. wonderful track indeed. so comforting as i can draw several parallels to my own life from the song. love it.
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