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  1. http://www.hipsterrunoff.com/2009/03/thom-thinking-abt-life.html
  2. http://www.radiohead.com/Archive/Site2/rad028.html three hundred million people all with the same face everything i say/do is suspect take me and you'll get relief there numbers mean nothing god blessed you with a pretty face right school right parents jellydogs jellied eels we go to a restaurant there is meat in the bread there is not enough seats for everyone there is meat in everything jellylikefat pink slices pink/climbing up fire escapes/very poisoned EXCITIINNNG!!!!
  3. Wohoo! Check my Thom wallpaper :: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/50361069/
  4. Indeed, nothing to do with Vlaams Belang, but we're going very off-topic here eh I'm not extreme left, but a political party who promotes racism and violence doesn't deserve my respect.
  5. Great show, however Thom wasn't very happy : no 2nd bis-round and also he almost didn't spoke to the public, and if he did he spoke in French (which isn't the main language spoken in Kiewit (where Pukkelpop is)) so the audience wasn't very happy about that. Also some really special thing : in The National Anthem he mixed the instrumental parts with the radio news, which really gave a special sound.
  6. Found this intresting link : http://www.angelfire.com/music/rh/anaok.htm Discussss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Emo = cool ... too bad their music isn't.
  8. I love you man, sometimes I wish I was gay... ... just kidding
  9. I like your avatar Just bought the Skinny Fists 2LP for 19 euros
  10. OK, who's hand is there on this picture : http://www.radiohead.com/deadairspace/showimage.php?fname=bodysnatchers%20tea.jpg&width=950&height=534 ???
  11. And there will be a new ASMZ album and also a live CD
  12. Mmh I'd love a black and white Street Spirit video where a guy walks down the streets,...
  13. Poor RH is bullied by those evil men of Green Day
  14. In the meantime let's discuss the great album Illinoise (Sufjan Stevens)
  15. Are there some FULL SIZE (1024x768) screenshots of Street Spirit. If so... would you be so kind of posting them?
  16. It would be great if there were some wallpapers about Street Spirit.
  17. What should I do... a friend of mine has bought the last Amnesiac special edition however I specificly said I inted to buy him,... I even offered him the original version of Amnesiac for 5 euros. What should I do with this guy...
  18. If you spell Radiohead backwards and change some letters with : T-H-O-M-Y-O-R-K-E-I-S-S-A-N-T-A-C-L-A-U-S you'll get an hidden message
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