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  1. This is exciting stuff, and in rainbows is the best album title they have ever came up with.
  2. It's been a while since i've posted here, but I thought this was pretty funny. If you feel that the song didn't fullfill yours desire of learning how to disappear completely than hopefully this will. I'm working on completing the process myself right now. http://www.wikihow.com/Disappear-Completely p.s. - I did not make this
  3. it's funny what they say about college students because I have a radiohead poster in my room and have yet to get a comment about it.
  4. WOW! That would be a great idea for a movie. We could call it "Eternal Sunshine of the Radioheadless Mind".
  5. Oh yeah, well last night I had a dream that I killed all of you
  6. I have always felt Ok Computer was the best way to see if someone is really a Radiohead fan. It's not my favorite, but it's songs describe radiohead the most and on the later albums Thom's voice isn't as nice.
  7. well last time I went to mexico I bought some lemonade not knowing that they mixed it with the water. Ended up getting Montezuma's revenge. Man that was not a fun plane ride home.
  8. really weird one last night where Radiohead were at the Oscar's and were nominated for best opening skit to an oscar ceremony and when they won they didn't even get up to make a speech. They just stood in their seats like nothing happened. Then I heard people around me say how disgusted they were that they didn't get up and that they wished they would die.
  9. our brains will always know we like radiohead, even if we ourselves have forgotten it. It just clicks right
  10. yeah but i'm pretty sure you don't see through your nipples
  11. Just thinking about this the other day. Does anyone think that Thom's lazy eye is the reason for his strange attitude and view of the world? Imagine he didn't have one and his music was completely different. If music does come from our view of the world it is very possible seeing how his view has been shattered to a degree. What do you think?
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