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  1. way to sound like a jerk! nah, you're right... i just wish they didn't do it like that. cause i know i'm gonna stay up alllll night, and then they'll hit at like 9:30 or something and i'll be in class. these shows are gonna sell out SO fast...
  2. Any idea what time tickets go on sale through WASTE? the website merely says the day. I remember for the In Rainbows tour I stayed up alllll night and it ended up being around 8:57 AM or something...
  3. sorry, i didn't read enough to find out if anyone pointed that out haha. i had a similar reaction when i first found out they had a myspace, i was kind of bummed. i used to think it was cool that they didn't have their stuff on itunes and they didn't have a myspace, etc. but now i don't really give a shit. it's just another way for them to get their music to people and for them to communicate with fans. i've made peace with all of it. just cause a lot of people who use that stuff are lame doesn't mean the medium itself is lame. still, i totally understand all your bitterness. i used twitter for like a week, decided it was dumb as hell, and deleted my account. then a few months later i started it back up. i dunno, it is just kinda nice to be able to share something cool with your friends so easily.
  4. I'm not trying to cause trouble here, this is definitely a very valid debate, and while I use twitter, I have mixed feelings about whether or not it's worth my time. Regardless, Radiohead DOES have a myspace and facebook. In fact, I wrote an article for a case study about Radiohead's online presence and strategy, and I neglected to mention their facebook page. Someone from TBD records somehow read my article and informed me that they do have a facebook page.
  5. I'm not saying "go to sleep" should be in the top 50 or whatever... but would you really put it that low? lower than "anyone can play guitar" and "vegetable"? seriously? and if you really feel that way about "house of cards"... i'm not even gonna argue with you on that one; i'm just gonna feel sorry for you.
  6. i was going to give this thing a chance... but anyone can play guitar should not be ranked above go to sleep and the gloaming. so i'm not going to read this anymore.
  7. that's gotta be the Saitama Japan show. it's literally the same set as the DVD i have of that show.
  8. remember the period of no news before the new album is finished. it's coming out in ten days. or whatever the hell jonny said. yeah.
  9. looks legit to me... kinda strange though that it's back up.
  10. I remember how crazy the board was the few days before it came out. and when we all saw the pay what you want thing... nobody knew if it was a big hoax or not. i fucking love this band.
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